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Rare and expensive fruits, but everyone wants to buy them and try them


Very rare fruits such as bamboo, stinking toe (rotten toe), orangutan … make many people curious to buy and try even though the price is not cheap.

There are strange plants that bear fruit once every few years, expensive prices that everyone likes. Bamboo fruit is an example of rarity and strangeness. This is the fruit of a type of bamboo tree, eaten with a mild sweet taste. This fruit has a thick and hard skin like bamboo, the inner flesh is yellow green, seedless and very succulent. And this is the fruit of the cork tree – a plant that also belongs to the bamboo family. Fruiting is also a very rare phenomenon, so it is difficult to enjoy it. This toe-shaped fruit is called “Stinking Toe” (translated into Vietnamese as “stinky toe”). Stinking Toe is considered a pretty delicious fruit. The Stinking Toe tree takes decades to bear fruit. Each fruit has only a few seeds. The skin of this fruit is very thick, hard, when broken, a pungent odor similar to foot odor is emanating from the pulp-like pulp surrounding the seed. However, when eaten, it has a sweet taste like milk. In addition to Mexico, Central and South America, Stinking Toe trees also grow in Jamaica and some islands in the Caribbean. Orangutan fruit is also little known because it grows mainly in the mountainous areas of the Central and Central Highlands. The tree only flowers and bears fruit once every few years, so the orangutan fruit is considered “lucky”. Currently, orangutans are purchased by traders at prices ranging from 150,000 to 350,000 VND/kg. Ripe orangutan fruit that falls by itself will be appreciated for its quality, more expensive than the kind that is picked and dried.