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Runner-up Thuy An is hot on her birthday


Runner-up Thuy An recently made fans “burnt eyes” when she released a photo of a very bold shirt on her birthday. Once known for her sweet “banh beo” runner-up, recently, the beauty from the West has gradually changed to a more sexy and seductive style.

On the right day of her 24th birthday, runner-up Thuy An suddenly posted a picture of a “revealing” outfit to help the beautiful woman cleverly show off her full, indifferent bust. Below the photo are countless birthday wishes and praises for the ever-evolving beauty of Vietnam 2018 runner-up (Source: Tien Phong) Along with that, a simple birthday party was organized by runner-up Thuy An and her husband at their own home. The couple has been together for 5 years and has been living in the same house since January this year (Source: Facebook character) The runner-up thanked her husband, who helped her organize a warm party during the epidemic season. “Thank you, my love, for always making me a princess,” she wrote on her personal page The birthday party was held at the home yard of runner-up Thuy An. The banquet table is decorated with candles and fresh flowers, with extremely romantic dishes and wine In 2020, on the occasion of her 23rd birthday, runner-up Thuy An also “showed off” to the audience her charming beauty through a set of photos taken at the studio (Source: VTV) The runner-up from the Southwest region is always loved by her beautiful, gentle beauty and friendly personality. Recently, to welcome the new age, Thuy An made a series of photos showing off her mature and equally feminine beauty. Taking advantage of her physical advantage, runner-up Thuy An thoroughly showed off her perfect body with confident poses. In this series of photos, Thuy An shows the audience a sharp and attractive appearance Previously, in the set of photos to celebrate her 22nd birthday, runner-up Thuy An surprised when she shook off the image of banh beo and came to a dynamic style (Source: VTC) From charming style, to sophisticated elegance, or dynamic, Western beauties bring an extremely attractive, well-groomed image. In everyday style, runner-up Thuy An also prioritizes glamorous style with delicate cut points Still a pink outfit, but now the runner-up is no longer “banh beo” but extremely sexy The costume for the event of Miss Hau also has a hot, deep chest split, highlighting a sexy bust (Source: Tien Phong) The tight, tight cup design helps runner-up Thuy An show off her slim shoulders and attractive curves On her big day, the 24-year-old beauty beamed in a wedding dress with a piercing design with cut out lines, bold thigh splits to show off her long slender legs (Source: Vietnamnet) Runner-up Thuy An’s husband is a doctor, has lived in the UK for 12 years and is 10 years older than her, currently running the family company in Vietnam. The couple’s wedding will take place at the end of January 2021 In showbiz, runner-up Thuy An plays close with “sisters” who are famous beauties, such as Miss Ngoc Han, Miss Do My Linh, Miss Tieu Vy, runner-up Phuong Nga, Thuy Tien,… (Source: Tien Phong) Before getting on the flower car, runner-up Thuy An held a bachelor party with “Miss sisters” at a resort in Vung Tau. Seamless beauties in sexy bikini posing in the blue swimming pool Vietnam 2018 runner-up wears a nude bikini, showing off her white skin and beautiful body A playful image at the farewell party of Thuy An’s single life with “Miss Sisters Association”