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Deploying National Focused Promotion Month in the province


The Department of Industry and Trade has just issued a plan to organize the National Focused Promotion Month – Vietnam Grand Sale 2021 in the province.

Accordingly, relevant traders, organizations and individuals actively organize promotional activities, coordinate and participate in program activities to ensure compliance with the law and protect their interests. consumer legitimacy; innovate, diversify forms of promotion, well organize sales promotion activities to serve people on traditional and e-commerce channels, strictly comply with the provisions of law. Promotion activities within the framework of the program will be applied with a maximum limit of the value of goods and services used for promotion and the maximum discount for goods and services to be promoted is 100%. The specialized departments of the Department of Industry and Trade actively inform and guide organizations and individuals in the province to participate in the program. People’s Committees of districts, towns and cities shall coordinate in propagating and promoting the program at the headquarters, website of the unit and on local media; actively coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Provincial Market Management Department and relevant units to monitor, inspect and handle goods of poor quality, goods of unknown origin, goods infringing upon intellectual property rights. , violations of local promotions, ensuring consumer interests… FIRE