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Dong Township Drama “Sit Sister”: I just wanted to go to a show, but I didn’t expect to be sprinkled with dog food the whole time


To travel to a place, in addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and tasting authentic specialties, you must also understand the local ethnic culture. There are two most effective ways to understand the culture of a place. One is to go Local museums can efficiently understand the local culture through graphics, video, physical objects and other systems; the other is to go to the local to watch a wonderful performance. Going to the museum is because the local culture and history experts have systematically sorted out the local culture, so it is simple and efficient to understand; while going to the performance, it is through the way that the audience can accept, while enjoying the visual feast, unknowingly Have a general understanding of the local culture in a way that you like to hear and hear. The difference between the two is that museums are relatively boring and need to be actively understood. The advantages are also obvious, that is, the cost is low, and even many museums don’t even need tickets; and the wonderful cultural performances are also carefully selected by the artists. The design is to arrange all local history, culture, customs, and important figures. The audience only needs to sit there and enjoy the visual feast presented by the actors. It is more entertaining and viewing than the museum, and it can also shoot beautiful blockbusters. , So it is also deeply loved by people. It is for this reason that whenever I go to a city, as long as I have time and conditions, I will go to local museums and watch local live performances. This is undoubtedly a great help for understanding a city. Let us The shared articles are also more readable. During the self-driving trips in Sanjiang, Liuzhou, in addition to visiting the major Dong villages, we also visited the Sanjiang Dong Museum and Sanjiang Dong Painting Museum. We also went to the famous Dongxiang Bird’s Nest to enjoy a wonderful Dong ethnic customs. Live performance-“Sit Sister”. Before I went to Sanjiang, a friend recommended to me “Sit Sister”. He said that this is China’s first large-scale live performance with Dong style as the theme. I have seen some Dong people before during the Dong Year in Liping, Guizhou. Singing and dancing performances, but at the time I always felt uncomfortable, so as soon as a friend recommended, I included “Sit Sister” into our schedule. The drama “Seating Girl” was the first night we went to Sanjiang. It skillfully combined the rich traditional cultural elements of the Dong people in Sanjiang area (such as architectural culture, farming culture, costume culture, Yege culture, Sheng dance culture). , Wedding custom culture, etc.) combined with the top domestic stage art and modern sound and light technology to form a gorgeous real-life drama. At the performance site, the majestic 360-degree circular stage, the majestic and solemn Drum Tower of Dong Township, the mysterious and colorful stilts, the misty waterfall, the sparkling Crescent River, the primitive and simple waterwheel, the picturesque and picturesque Drum Tower Singing and dancing, handsome boys, as well as girls with clever hands, golden voices and jade throats, dressed in colorful costumes, and beautiful as fairies, accompanied by colorful lights and giant LED ladder videos. The folk music and the tender folk dance form a beautiful and passionate dream world, which made the audience and friends full of praise and awe. Among them, the most striking is that “Sit Girl” can travel through time and space without losing its charm. It condenses the original and colorful traditional marriage and love customs of the Dong people on the stage. “Sit Sister”, the fourth watch “The Joy of Breaking Dawn”. On the gorgeous stage, the lights constantly change into various scenes, the charming Dong Village, the tall drum tower, the joyful dance melody, plus different color combinations, blue gives people the tranquility of the night, and the warm red attracts people. People’s reveries, coupled with some emotional brewing, can be described as climaxes and exciting. Many friends may be curious about the concept of sitting sister, why is it called sitting sister? I didn’t understand it at first, so I consulted with local friends. They said that “sitting sister” means “sitting with sister”. It is a unique way for young men and women of the Dong ethnic group to talk about love. Different Dong villages have the sayings of playing in the mountains, walking in the village, and walking the girl. Anyway, you can understand it as falling in love. The whole performance, from walking girls, making trouble with girls, sitting on girls, to the joy of breaking dawn, is step by step, interlocking, and wonderful. Among them, walking girls is the beginning of marriage, and making girls is a kind of entertainment, but also It is a way of courtship, that is, a young man of the Dong nationality goes to sing, chat or play with a certain girl who is waiting for their arrival in groups of embroidered weaving. This is a very happy scene. After making trouble with girls is Zuomei, which is one of the core content of the same name in the performance of “Zaomei”. Zuomei is a further sublimation on the basis of making girls. They cultivate feelings through brotherhood, chatting, and playing games. When a man and woman are in love with each other, they quietly leave the group and go to the village or the field to talk to each other about their love, sitting on a stool with a stool, and sitting on Amei’s lap without a stool (pictured above). The joy of dawn is a Dong wedding ceremony performed by Dong young men and women after their passionate love. The beautiful bride wears noble silver ornaments and gorgeous costumes. At the moment when the sun rises, she reluctantly bids farewell to raising her parents, holding The bridegroom’s hand was accompanied by the best man and bridesmaid to the bridegroom’s house. The next day was a lively and vigorous wedding ceremony. “The Sitting Girl” is worthy of being a large-scale live performance of the Dong nationality with traditional and folk customs. And when we were watching the performance that day, there was a drizzle in the sky, and the stage in the middle of the Dongxiang Bird’s Nest was open-air. These actors actually performed under the rain, but they still showed us a splendid vision. The feast is really touched. If you travel to Sanjiang, I recommend you to visit it.