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Drake bought several Hermès Birkin bags for his future wife vợ


Forbes estimates Drake’s net worth at $180 million. Male rapper often spends money on designer handbags, watches and clothes.

SCMP lists items Drake usually spends money to own. Among them, Hermès Birkin handbag attracts attention. According to Hollywood Reporter, the male rapper collects a series of expensive handbags for his future wife. Photo: @thepooluk. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Drake said: “I’m a fan of Birkin bags. There are few things that always hold value and are appreciated as the years go by. The Birkin bag is one of the things I collect for my wife. future. So I have a pretty large collection.” Photo: @jiandeleon. The 34-year-old rapper owns a Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag. The design is rare and once sold for $382,000. Photo: Johornow. Besides bags, Drake spends a lot of money on costumes. The male rapper used to wear a suit with a total value of nearly 1 million USD. Appearing in the video for The Unknown Vlogs, Drake takes the price off the costume. He wears a $11,000 jacket, a $2,000 turtleneck and $1,000 Tom Ford pants. Also, the shoes cost $15,000. Photo: Tubefilter. The highlight of the suit is a watch model designed specifically for Drake. Richard Mille RM 69 worth $750,000. These are women’s accessories. The Drake design worn is made to size just right for men. Photo: Highsnobiety. Over time, Drake’s collection became more and more extensive. Designs from Prada, Hermès, Louis Vuitton… are loved by male rappers. Photo: Vogue, @jiandeleon.