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Elly Tran wears a fiery bikini, but fans advise her not to wear it anymore, why?


Elly Tran continues to make fans stand still when releasing hot bikini photos. Some viewers even ‘tease’, beauties don’t wear this style anymore, because… ‘we love it’.
Elly Tran is one of the Vietnamese stars who owns a hot figure, a “fiery” curve. Understanding her own beauty, right from the moment she entered showbiz, the “baby mother” chose for herself a sexy, bold style and accordingly made her own mark.

Recently, Elly Tran continues to make fans “stand still” when publishing a series of extremely sexy chiffon bikini photos. These photos quickly received a lot of likes, hearts and comments. She uses her pet dog to cover the sensitive area in the costume… The photo angles show off the perfect body, as beautiful as a dream. Many very personal viewers commented: “If it’s a crime to fall in love with you, I’ll commit a crime …” to “Don’t wear this style anymore, we love it”… So funny is the same. . Once long legs. cause a fever with swimsuit-like designs but extremely fragile, sexy lace material. Not only the material is light and soft, but the outfit also has a deep cut, quite bold. The shooting angles are also very impressive, showing a sexy look without being overdone. Realistic curve… Long legs are exalted… Venus’s body is very proud of Elly.