Home Architecture The tube house is excellent, the light shines straight from the roof

The tube house is excellent, the light shines straight from the roof


From the outside, Mai Fang’s house is similar to other tube house designs. However, the interior architecture is quite special with large skylights, the rooms always receive sunlight and natural wind.
The tube house in the middle of the crowded streets, built in 2016 always brings positive energy to the owner through the skylight located in the middle of the house. It is a work owned by Ms. Mai Fang (Da Nang).

The skylight is both the center of the house, and a small yard for planting trees and tying swings for children. She shared, in addition to the rough construction and interior design, she and her husband decorate and design small details, making the house more lively. The skylight part is like the heart of the house, a place for the children to have physical activities and learn through movement games. It is a small corner with a little sunshine, a little green, a little cool wind. The kitchen and dining room are connected to the yard and skylight, so she can do housework while keeping an eye on her children. The wall in the kitchen cabinet is hand-painted by Mai Fang. The pattern matches the paving stone in the yard. The dining table is assembled from many different sets into a complete set. The table is a large wooden board, attached with iron legs. In the dry season, she uses the yard to place a swimming pool, while in the windy season, the leaves rustle. On the skylight there is a sliding glass door, in the rainy season, let the rain fall on the yard. “Many people wonder why my wife and I spend so much space on the skylight. Because I want the children to have time to breathe in some fresh air, so that the older children can love and be proud of their own home,” said Ms. Detail of decorative flowers and grass by the owner. Camping at home. The fern tree in the yard combined with the pair of duck statues makes the home space closer and more rustic. The shelf on the refrigerator is Mai Fang’s husband to store dry or rarely used items. The side wall is painted green for the 2 girls to draw chalk instead of the regular board. The kitchen when the lights are on is very cozy, a place to witness the dear moments of the extended family. Hand-painted textures are quite similar to tiles. The owner’s kitchen table uses black to clean and not stain. The master bedroom has a large window overlooking the skylight. The female owner is an aesthetic person, so every corner is very delicate. The second floor has a desk, a study table for children and a mirror. Mai Fang’s daughter’s bedroom, the wall she painted with watercolors, acrylic colors. Bedroom decor cute, eye-catching with blue, white and rattan furniture. At leisure time, the children spread their toys all over the floor, but after they are done, Mai Fang guides them to clean the room themselves. Thanks to that, the room is always neat. Mother loved painting, so her two daughters also inherited that passion.