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Enterprises in Hai Phong propose to prioritize the source of cough vaccines for workers


Hai Phong’s authorities need to develop an active, scientific and methodical process of receiving information, and at the same time have a plan to support businesses to access vaccines to inject workers.
These are the two basic contents proposed by representatives of the trade unions of businesses in Hai Phong Economic Zone at a recent meeting of the Hai Phong City Confederation of Labor, the Hai Phong Economic Zone Trade Union with trade unions. to grasp the situation of the trade union and the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for the group, the first phase of priority subjects in Hai Phong. Photo: An Dang/VNA Too many clues but still confused At working sessions, representatives of grassroots trade unions all said that during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period, relevant units and departments required establishments to provide too much duplicate information. Ms. Tran Thi Thuy, Chairman of the Trade Union of Greating Fortune Conainer Joint Stock Company (Dinh Vu Industrial Park), said that at times of complicated developments in the COVID-19 epidemic, every day she received a request to report from many different governing bodies on the same content. In some cases, the unit sent a report by email, but the state management agency did not respond to the receipt, and then requested to send an official letter with a fresh stamp recognizing it as a valid document. According to Ms. Thuy, in addition to trade union work, cadres like Ms. Thuy also have to undertake professional work at the enterprise. Therefore, the overlap in direction has created great pressure for those who are concurrently. In addition to the problem related to the report, the representatives of businesses also suggested to the departments and branches of Hai Phong city that the city’s functional agencies need to have a reasonable plan in the large-scale testing and screening. with workers. Ms. Dao Thi Thu Trang, Chairman of the Trade Union of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, said that many businesses in the industrial park think that testing and screening 50% of the employees in the business is only a temporary solution. , because it is likely that among those who have not been tested there are also risk factors. Moreover, when workers have tested negative, they themselves will be subjective in epidemic prevention and control. Regarding the development of scenarios to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, a representative of Dai Duong Electronics Company Limited (An Duong Industrial Park), said that during the screening test, the company had 5 suspect sample. As soon as they heard the information, the company’s partners from food and drink suppliers to other delivery units refused to deliver and receive goods for epidemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, thousands of employees have to stay at the company to wait for test results. Although there was a scenario of epidemic prevention and control before, the company was very confused to respond, not knowing which unit to call first to seek support. Need consistency in planning kế According to representatives of businesses, in order to remove obstacles about information focal points, state management agencies related to companies in economic zones and industrial parks need to have a connection in accessing documents and numbers. information content. Ms. Le Thi Thu Giang, Chairman of the Trade Union of Cheveron Lubricants Vietnam Co., Ltd., said that during the epidemic, all needed urgency, accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, the receipt of information reported through online channels of state management agencies must be recognized as official information. Agencies such as tax, economic zone management board, and trade union need to build a common software to receive and process documents to save time for both the receiving unit and the information processing unit. . To ensure the health and safety of workers, all businesses have suggested that the Hai Phong city government and the Government should prioritize the source of vaccines for workers at businesses. This will ensure 2 benefits, both saving costs for businesses and ensuring effective epidemic prevention and control. A representative of an enterprise said that each combined test sample costs more than 350,000 VND, if each enterprise has to test 50% of its employees, businesses with a large number of workers have to spend billions of dong to test. screening while this job is only temporary, while some businesses are in a very difficult period due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. On the other hand, foreign-invested companies will have to report to the parent company a lot of content related to financial issues. Therefore, the directions on testing or vaccination need to agree on the number and time for businesses to have grounds to report. Receiving opinions from representatives of grassroots union presidents, Chairman of the Hai Phong Confederation of Labor Tong Van Bang said that the city’s Confederation of Labor would make specific reports to the city’s leaders, and at the same time requested relevant units to promptly handle problems to remove difficulties for businesses while still ensuring the requirements of disease prevention and control.