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Focusing on propagandizing economical use of electricity in hot weather


Although just entering the dry season, the hot weather lasted for a long time, the demand for electricity of the people increased, causing the load capacity to increase dramatically. In order to provide stable electricity to customers, Quang Binh Power Company (PC) has actively implemented many measures to ensure safe operation and improve the reliability of power supply; at the same time promoting propaganda on economical and efficient use of electricity.
The peak power consumption in recent days is 186.8 MW and the electricity output is over 3.7 million kWh/day. According to PC Quang Binh’s forecast, commercial electricity output in June may reach 109 million kWh, up 23% compared to May.

Hoang Hieu Trung, Director of Quang Binh PC said, to ensure stable power supply, the unit will continue to invest in completing the power grid, improving power supply capacity to meet the demand for capacity growth of the load. . The company has also assigned 100% of officers and employees to be on duty, to regularly check the system of transmission lines and substations; mobilize vehicles and machinery to promptly handle incidents in the fastest time. Instructing customers to install the EVNCPC CSKH app to monitor electricity consumption. Due to extreme hot weather, the frequency of using air conditioners, cooling devices, and electronic devices for family activities will be more. This leads to the risk of overloading, power failure, even increased risk of fire and explosion, unsafe operation of the power system. Therefore, in order to save electricity costs effectively and ensure enough electricity for socio-economic development, national defense – security and daily life, production and business of people in the province, PC Quang Binh recommends that customers use electricity safely and economically. Specifically, for businesses, PC Quang Binh recommends balancing and arranging production schedules in the direction of reducing electricity use during peak hours, increasing electricity use during off-peak hours; at the same time, enterprises invest in energy-saving production equipment and coordinate with the Electricity sector to monitor and control power quality. “Hot repair” is one of the solutions to minimize the power outage time of customers in hot weather. In addition, Quang Binh PC requires the electricity companies to actively answer customers about problems in calculating electricity bills, and advise people on how to use electricity economically and efficiently. The affiliated units must well control the index recording and index review to promptly detect and handle abnormal cases, avoiding possible errors. In particular, the Company propagates to customers to use tools and utilities of the electricity industry to actively monitor electricity consumption and control high electricity bills in the hot season such as the EVNCPC Customer Service application on devices. mobile phone or a tool to estimate electricity consumption in daily life for electricity users nationwide at website: https://uoctinhdiennang.evn.com.vn/.