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Experience the red envelope help routine, I redefine the “fission master” Pinduoduo


【Lieyun.com Beijing】Reported on June 14 (by Yin Zixuan)

Quote: Pinduoduo has always been a classic case of fission marketing in the Internet field. Among them, the red envelope boost activity is probably one of Pinduoduo’s most well-known activities. Through the user’s promotion, the red envelope rewards are given to the users accordingly, allowing Pinduoduo to gain a large number of new users in a short period of time. Nowadays, Pinduoduo has multiple types of red envelope assistance activities on the main interface. This time, the author of this article has experienced the red envelope assistance activities, and also felt the hidden traps of Pinduoduo activities everywhere…

Last Thursday, Pinduoduo’s red envelope sharing boost link appeared in my family and friends group again.

Before opening this link, I never thought that my mood could be so ups and downs on this ordinary night. By the way, with my relatives and friends who helped me, my mood would also ups and downs.

How deep is the water shared by Pinduoduo Red Packets?

At least after the experience, I redefine the “fission marketing” of Pinduoduo.

  1. Fission red envelopes: in Pinduoduo, points are not the smallest unit of RMB

    The story started on the afternoon of June 10th. A friend shared the Pinduoduo link in the group. After I refused to click on it, this friend tempted me with a treat after winning the prize.

    The verbal treat of this friend surnamed Liu is the root of all evil this night.

    So I downloaded Pinduoduo and entered the “Cash Carousel” event that this friend participated in through the sharing link-this is an event that Pinduoduo started as early as March. Just share the link and get help from friends. It is possible to get 500 yuan.

    After I assisted, I also won several lucky draw opportunities. The lucky draw showed that I can get 500 yuan reward, but I need to make up the 500 yuan through the turntable lottery. After receiving the red envelope through the turntable presented by the system several times, I will leave 500 yuan. A few cents are still needed for the withdrawal of yuan.

    Under the temptation of 500 yuan, I got involved.

    The first step is to invite your WeChat friends to help.

Every time you share the link to help your WeChat friends, you can get at least 0.01 yuan through the lottery, so it seems that you can finally achieve the amount of 500 yuan.

When I got 500 yuan to WeChat ahead of time by only 0.02 yuan, according to my previous experience, I only needed two friends to help me to achieve the goal. At this time, unexpected variables appeared.

The neglected gold coin option on the turntable appeared in the lottery. The lowest income of the lottery is no longer 0.01 yuan, but 1 gold coin. Correspondingly, 0.02 yuan becomes the goal that can be achieved by 20 gold coins. A few gold coins can be obtained.

However, as a science and technology reporter, it was a shameful thing to not get Pinduoduo wool and get a lap of Pinduoduo, so I decided to stick to it.

However, when there is only one gold coin, the gold coin has also changed-0.1 gold coin appeared, which means that it may take 9 times to share to get the final 0.9 gold coin.

I bite the bullet and continued this long process, which became even longer when there were only 0.2 gold coins left.

Only I can’t think of it. It is impossible to do without Pinduoduo. Another change has occurred. Users can only get diamonds through the lottery, and these 0.2 gold coins correspond to 20 diamonds.

It turned out that Pinduoduo was not engaged in user fission, but a penny fission, and the fission of the renminbi in the Internet field. It can be cracked into 10 gold coins, and then cracked into 1,000 diamonds, even diamonds counted with decimal points…

This raffle turntable is not a turntable, but a sieve.

At this time, I began to doubt myself in front of Pinduoduo for the first time. I realized that I might not be able to get Pinduoduo’s wool. After all, the Internet thinking of this app with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars must be deeper than that of an ordinary Internet practitioner. .

But at this time, I am in a dilemma. If I don’t give up, will I encounter a deeper fission? But if I just give up, will I actually have walked the longest way and give up the simplest step?

At this time, I was surprised by Pinduoduo for the first time in my mind. Pinduoduo’s product managers must be masters who are well versed in economics, or at least well versed in how sunk cost theory should be applied to users.

And a video sent by a friend made me give up this struggle.

As early as April this year, a blogger named “Lan Xi” made an attempt. In the video, he collected 500+ friends to help, and successfully uncovered the final mystery of the “Cash Wheel” Veil, he entered the last step, that is, he can no longer draw the last gold coins or diamonds, he can only draw the “blessing scroll”.

The function of this item is to give you a blessing.

Yes, a blessing of “I wish you full luck and continue to draw cash”. The video owner still did not get the final cash reward after exhausting 500+ friends’ help.

  1. Withdrawal steps of fission: you can withdraw cash ≠ withdraw in full immediately

    I decided to give up the big turntable gameplay, still a little unwilling in my heart. At this time, I saw another Pinduoduo Dragon Boat Festival event-“100 million shake cash event”.

    The two activities are very similar. The interface shows that the amount I can withdraw in the “100 million shake cash campaign” is 600. When I need to share the help of my WeChat friends, I added the shake and shake gameplay, and I can receive the pinduoduo gifts regularly. Red envelopes.

    This time, to my surprise, I easily reached the 600 yuan cash withdrawal amount.

    Is this the sincerity of Pinduoduo on the Dragon Boat Festival?

    At the same time I couldn’t believe it, I clicked withdraw with excitement. At this moment, I was completely stunned. Although it showed that I had a cash withdrawal of 600 yuan, I only withdrew 0.1 yuan, after paying 20% ​​of the tax. , I received 8 cents from Pinduoduo on my WeChat.

    Looking closely at the withdrawal interface, I realized once again that it turned out that Pinduoduo did not split the amount of red envelopes this time, but split the withdrawal steps.

    Although it says, “With only XX yuan, you can unlock 600 yuan withdraw.” However, 600 yuan cannot be taken out at once. Although the previous few assistances have received 600 yuan in cash, the cash withdrawal opportunities also need assistance.

    After withdrawing RMB 0.1, it takes three times of help from friends to be able to withdraw the second and third times. After four cash withdrawals, I successfully withdrew a cash amount of 1.63 yuan. At this point, the amount of assistance needed to unlock the next withdrawal opportunity has become ten times, and the time left until the 600 yuan red envelope expires (expires at 24 o’clock every night) is running out…

    Faced with such pervasive “fission thinking”, I can only clap and praise: It’s wonderful to be at home, you deserve to be the master of Internet fission, Pinduoduo.

    When I decided to abandon the woolen wool altogether and draw an end to this night of Pinduoduo. My colleague Xiaoba, who helped me before, sent me an unexpected message: She was almost smashed by Pinduoduo.

    When I was puzzled, Xiao Ba said that after entering the Pinduoduo Boost interface, she received a pop-up window, indicating that she had a chance to get a free order.

    Specifically, in a batch of goods with a maximum amount of no more than 45 yuan, Xiaoba can purchase at will, and the official will eventually return the cash to her directly through WeChat.

    In the end, Xiao Ba bought a bull socket worth 43 yuan with free shipping. Before placing the order, the payment interface clearly stated “After confirming the receipt, the payment amount will be refunded.” However, the reminder of Pinduoduo after placing the order made Xiao Ba, who is also a technology reporter, feel that he has been hurt.

    This time the reminder clearly stated the steps to realize the cashback: 1. The payment application has been submitted, 2. The card has been checked in for 7 consecutive days, and the WeChat change will be obtained. 3. The payment will be received.

    Xiao Ba thought that he had banned the temptation of 500 yuan red envelopes, but he did not expect to fall into a shopping rebate. After Xiao Ba angrily refunded and uninstalled, I received another piece of bad news from my mother-“Huanhuo (lied) I bought something 7.9”.

    It turned out that while she spared no effort to help me today, she has also been wandering in the seductive city of Pinduoduo. In the end, my mother also received the information that the whole room was exempt, and spent 7.98 yuan to buy an air freshener. And because the amount was small, my mother decided not to refund.

    I don’t know if my mother can successfully get back the 7 yuan and 9 after signing in for seven consecutive days. I don’t know how many people like me end up “successful” under the fission of Pinduoduo, and how many people are with my mother. The same middle-aged woman contributed a few dollars to Pinduoduo under such circumstances.

  2. Pinduoduo fission is its own shame

    During the whole process of Pinduoduo’s sway in Sex and the City, I have been thinking about a question. Is Pinduoduo suspected of breaking the law in this series of behaviors?

    When introspecting afterwards, I carefully looked at the rules of the “Cash Turntable” and found that it did not clearly mention that a penny is the lowest unit of measurement for RMB, and it also mentioned the existence of a “gold coin” item, although No specific conversion method is given; for 100 million yuan cash withdrawal activities, it just writes “You can withdraw XX yuan only if you miss XX yuan” instead of writing “You can withdraw in full”; as for shopping cashback activities, it is also I only wrote “WeChat change will be credited directly to the account” instead of writing clearly “After signing in seven days, the WeChat change will be credited directly to the account.”

    When I tried to contact customer service, I finally saw all the rules for several activities under “Guess you want to ask”. But these rules that were not stated clearly at the beginning inevitably misled me and guided my next series of behaviors.

    And there are not many people who are misled in this way. In black cat complaints, there are many complaints about similar Pinduoduo activities. There are other cash activities and some bargaining activities. They are all similar routines, which are fissioned when users think they are successful.

    Regarding the above experience, Yan Wenping, a senior partner of Beijing Dongwei (Chengdu) Law Firm, said that users participated in activities such as “100 million cash in cash”, “cash carousel”, and “bargain for free” on an e-commerce platform. From the perspective of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, the user and the platform have established a contractual relationship. The main cause of disputes is the unclear agreement of the contract (rules) on the platform and the user’s ignorance of the activity rules. Infringement on users to a certain extent; from the perspective of the “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”, different conditions and operating methods of the platform will infringe users’ right to know to varying degrees; from the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China” 》From the perspective of the platform, some non-compliant practices of the platform may be suspected of deceiving and misleading consumers; of course, there are both psychological and opaque platform factors such as the use of users to take advantage of the platform, as well as users’ unfamiliarity with the rules and being unfamiliar with the rules. There are factors such as the use of rules and inducing factors, and there are even more factors such as the state’s inadequate supervision of this sector, but no matter what the reason is, the compliance operation of the platform is the general trend, otherwise the only waiting for the platform will be its own fruit.

    Just last month, Pinduoduo released its financial report for the first quarter of 2021. The financial report showed that Pinduoduo’s revenue in the first quarter was 22.17 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 239%; as of March 31, 2021, Pinduoduo’s annual active buyer The number reached 823.8 million, a net increase of 195.7 million over the same period last year, which allowed Pinduoduo to surpass Alibaba to become the number one e-commerce company.

    Under such a large volume, there can be such a rapid growth. Behind the scenes, fission marketing can be said to be indispensable. With the sudden emergence of Pinduoduo in recent years, many of its old and new activities (bargaining, group joining, etc.) have blown up the entire network, causing widespread in various circles. discuss.

    Pinduoduo’s simple, rude and effective product methods and operating strategies are a classic case of Internet marketing, and it has brought many imitators. And my friends around me are willing to participate in such red envelope sharing activities because she and the people around her have indeed been rewarded by Pinduoduo after they brought new users to Pinduoduo.

    However, Pinduoduo is now not only fissioning users, but also their own shame.

    If it is true, as Huang Zheng repeatedly emphasized on the day of listing: “Pingduoduo is mostly based on luck. This is driven by deep-seated forces. It is very similar to the driving force of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up 30 or 40 years ago. We are blossoming on it. People who do what they do will explode.”

    So Pinduoduo shouldn’t treat these deep-seated forces in this way. Even under this treatment, the bottom-level forces are still bringing them growth.