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Explore U Minh Ha Melaleuca forest


Going back to Ca Mau, tourists sit on the shells down the Trem Trem, Cai Tau, and Doc rivers to explore the U Minh Ha Melaleuca forest.

U Minh Ha Melaleuca forest is adjacent to U Minh Thuong Melaleuca forest (Kien Giang province), with a total area of ​​about 35,000 ha. Of which, 8,256 hectares are recognized as U Minh Ha National Park. Set up the turtle catcher of the forest dwellers. Photo: Huynh Lam This place has a melaleuca forest ecosystem that is flooded for 6 months and dry for 6 months. U Minh Ha National Park is one of the three core zones of the Ca Mau Cape World Biosphere Reserve with the task of preserving and recreating the values ​​of the natural landscape, ecological environment and biodiversity of the country. typical wetland ecosystem, Melaleuca forest on peat land; conservation and development of genetic resources of precious plants and animals, cultural and spiritual values, historical relics, serving scientific research, sightseeing and tourism development. Jogging under the canopy of the melaleuca forest. Photo: Thanh Dung U Minh Ha forest with Melaleuca trees dominates absolutely. There are many species of animals such as deer, wild boar, monkey, python, snake, turtle, bamboo (pangolin)… and there are 60 species of freshwater fish and brackish water fish live. Bee hive. Photo: Tan Diep In particular, under the forest canopy, year round bees diligently collect honey from the pistils of Melaleuca flowers to build nests, annually for large production. In the bee-eating season, visitors will be able to follow the beekeepers of Phong Ngan Group to go to the forest to eat bees and collect honey. Here, visitors can enjoy the dish of young bees that have just been cut down, dotted with a little honey of the scent of U Minh Melaleuca forest, sweet to the tip of the tongue. You can buy pure honey from U Minh Melaleuca forest to make medicine, or as a gift for relatives. Harvesting tubs in U Minh area. Photo: Hoang Giang Lake After the trip through the forest, visitors can watch slapping or spread nets by themselves, fishing, picking wild vegetables, plucking water lily … enjoy many specialties of the land of U Minh Melaleuca forests that few places have. such as grilled snakehead fish, perch cooked in hot pot with fish sauce, eel with noni leaves, cobra with green bean porridge, lemongrass stew or grilled extract, fried hamsters and many other rustic dishes. Golden Turtle – A specialty of U Minh Melaleuca forest. Photo: Huynh Lam Coming to U Minh Ha Melaleuca forest, visitors can visit Uncle Ba Phi’s hometown. At night, visitors can participate in folk music, go fishing, dump, catch field mice or spread bird nets in the U Minh forest. https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/