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Ferrari racing car maker encroaching on fashion and food


In an effort to diversify its image, Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has unveiled its first fashion collection and launched its high-end restaurant business.

Luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari unveiled its first fashion collection on June 13. Photo: autobala.com This luxury car brand has partnered with Rocco Iannone, former designer for Georgio Armani and Creative Director of Pal Zileri. With the two main colors red and yellow that make up the brand’s brand, Ferrari’s fashion show took place on June 13 at its Maranello production facility in Northern Italy. Highlights of this collection are oversized parka and bomber jackets, a mix of nylon, silk and custom fabric, paired with tight skirts, shorts and trousers. Many of the products carry Ferrari’s galloping horse logo, suitable for both men and women, embodying a style the company describes as “bold, daring and determined”. On June 15, Ferrari will also reopen the legendary Cavallino restaurant in Maranello, under the direction of Italian chef Massimo Bottura, who owns three Michelin stars. This restaurant used to be a canteen and became the favorite place of founder Enzo Ferrari to welcome employees, customers and friends. In 1929, Mr. Enzo Ferrari founded a company called Scuderia Ferrari, with the core job of sponsoring racers and racing cars before they were put into use. Until 1946, he founded the Ferrari SpA brand with the main business being the production of cars. From small beginnings, the Ferrari brand is now valued at up to $ 27 billion – a huge number. Especially, at the recent Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, brand valuation and consulting firm Brand Finance announced a list of the strongest and most valuable brands in 2020. Accordingly, with Brand strength index (BSI) reached 94.1/100 points, Ferrari has won the “throne” of the strongest brand in the world, surpassing technology corporations such as Apple or Google.