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FIL will usher in a new leap!Create the next magical currency circle at the cusp of the storm


IPFS distributed storage is a global consensus technology, and domestic giant Internet companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei have adopted IPFS distributed storage technology.

With the continuous development of IPFS distributed storage technology, more and more users will focus on the storage market, and everyone is willing to choose lower cost, safer, and more efficient decentralized storage services. Therefore, IPFS will definitely dominate the storage market in the future, and Filecoin will also become the hot digital gold in the future. (Click WK010708)

IPFS still exists in a small circle now, just like when the Internet was just starting, many people don’t understand, or even know its future.

In less than a week, FIL will usher in a new and best stage of mining input and output gold.

In fact, miners who invest in FIL should know the value of FIL in their hearts. The current low price of the currency is affected by the negative policy and the trend of the market, but we must see the country cracking down on Bitcoin mining and virtual currency transactions, while also beginning to guide and deploy valuable blockchain projects and big data computing hubs. . In terms of long-term value, the future growth of FIL prices is inevitable.

First, from the perspective of ecological construction, FIL is not just a digital currency, nor is it a plaything in the financial investment field, but has a specific landing scene, which is also advocated by the Protocol Lab. According to the disclosures of all parties and their application directions, in the future, all those who want to store data or develop scenarios on the IPFS agreement will need to purchase FIL, which will inevitably promote the continued growth of FIL prices.

Second, from the perspective of price trends, the current 24-hour circulation of FIL in the secondary market is about 40 million, about 1.2 billion US dollars, which is not in the top five range, and is undoubtedly seriously underestimated. According to the forecast of relevant agencies and the continuous release of FIL, its circulation is expected to reach more than 100 million in one year. +WK010708

The third point is that FIL’s model is undoubtedly the most complicated among all current blockchain projects from the perspective of economic models. The innovation of this model is that the zero-knowledge proof mechanism realizes the application of storage proof, so that data storage has a blockchain architecture, innovation catalyzes consensus, and consensus generates value. It can be seen that regardless of the rise or fall of the secondary market, the current Filcoin network storage speed is growing steadily and healthily every day, and the application landing is also progressing in an orderly manner.

After FIL, the value is naturally unlimited, but will FIL rise to a high degree in the future? Without considering the market value of the currency, from the analysis of circulation and price, the theoretical value of FIL can reach 38182.92/3.94=9691U, which is now 132. Times. Of course, this is an ideal situation, but FIL will not increase by 132 times after 3 years, and it is very possible to increase by 10 times.

Looking back over the past 30 years, the Internet has been surging, and the development of blockchain in the past 10 years is shocking. Filecoin, as a fast-rising data storage infrastructure, often makes the next round of leapfrogging a new myth. Moreover, the consensus of Filecoin will inevitably be strengthened with debate after dispute.

Absenteeism provides storage space and reuses computing data to prove that its storage purpose is to reach a consensus. A consensus is reached through Time and Space Verification (PoSt). It does not have to waste computing resources and energy like BTC, and it can also encourage miners to invest more storage space. (Hard disk) resources, rather than computing and energy resources, play a role in the network. This is a very environmentally friendly and efficient method.

Therefore, compared to BTC, FIL mining does not require a large amount of energy consumption, and can contribute resources under the premise of environmental protection, eliminate pain points in traditional industries, and promote social progress. Therefore, FIL is regarded as the blockchain 3.0.

At present, the IPFS network has been successfully operated for many years. As a public, open, and open source network, its operation is very successful. However, in commercial operation, due to the lack of incentive layer and the difficulty of coordinating the service guarantee system of decentralized nodes, there still exist Many challenges, these challenges are exactly what the Filecoin project wants to solve.

As one of the important infrastructures of Web3.0, Filecoin has always been the most important and most watched project in the market.

The implementation of this plan has brought huge attention and market influence to the entire distributed storage field. A large number of storage miners have entered, and a large number of investors have poured into the distributed storage field.

On June 7, the inauguration ceremony of the first domestic big data application and distributed storage industry fund was held in Fuzhou. Shenzhen Soft Cloud Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and Multi-Industry Holding Group jointly initiated the establishment of a 1 billion yuan “Big Data Application and Distributed Storage Industry Fund”, the first phase of the 300 million yuan fund.

As the first domestic industry guiding fund for big data applications and distributed storage, the first phase will reach 300 million yuan. It will be guided by national industrial development policies and will focus on innovative companies in the fields of distributed storage and national computing power networks. It provides capital empowerment, enhances market competitiveness, and aims to effectively improve the financing environment of related industries, accelerate industry aggregation and development, and promote the development of the domestic distributed storage information technology industry to a new level. Jointly invest in the creation of innovative distributed storage formats, contribute to the construction of China’s new infrastructure, and the national “Eastern Data and Western Calculation” project!

IPFS/FIL has been written into the blockchain white paper of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and has become the preferred data solution for Internet giants. Then this success will translate into the value of FIL, which is much higher than what we see today. Due to the penetration capability that IPFS/FIL pursues, I think this is a cryptocurrency with unlimited potential in the future.

With the upgrade of the IPFS network, Gas will be infinitely close to 0, and the pledge ratio will be greatly reduced. I think now is the best input-output stage for miners.