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For you who graduated: Excessive fear will only make the world smaller and smaller


“Years ago, she came, like weeds in the wind, I still remember her bright and hot embrace…” Singing this song you recommended, thinking of your youth in Beijing, you will graduate from college in a blink of an eye Now, the brightness and heat when you arrived many years ago is still as bright as yesterday.

From holding hands to shoulder to shoulder, we sang and laughed, and we have been in the world intimately for 21 years. Because of you, the house has always been noisy, you have gone to college, thinking that you are also warm.

You are a very upright young sapling. No amount of beautiful words can be used to describe you too much. Even if I know that you are a little bit angry and procrastinating, I still think so. You said, “Mom, you are private to me”; you said, “Mom’s “Aibo curve” reached its peak when I was about to go home, and then it would slowly decline when I went home.”

There seems to be a faint worry in your heart. This time, you graduated back and prepared for the postgraduate entrance examination in World War II. In your school career, the first defeat in the postgraduate entrance examination is the only time in Waterloo. There seems to be a cloud over your head, I know you are trying to adjust yourself.

Since childhood, I have cared about your body and mood, what friends you make, what books you read, and your sports. All these concerns, ranked last, are your academic performance. You said, “Mom, you don’t worry about my grades, I can only worry about myself.”

The things you worry about are the most responsible. You have loved reading, writing, and independent thinking since you were young. Every time you enter a higher education, you will try to get admitted to the school you like after your own investigation and comparison. Learning, you have been very good at it since childhood. I have always been sure of this. You never study for scores, you are really ambitious, passionate, struggling, and methods.

The result of the first postgraduate entrance examination is actually in your expectation. In 2020, after experiencing the epidemic, you moved to several cities and different fields for internships, and you gained a lot, and most of the years of experience have also allowed you to grow and transform. But the time left for the intensive review of the postgraduate entrance examination is only the last ten days. Obviously, you can’t win in a two-line battle. The competition for exams is fierce, and when you are about to graduate from university, it shows you its “fangs”.

You have to bear this blow, this is an opportunity to receive frustration education. Just like in the song: There is no road without wind and waves, there will be loneliness, sadness, and endless hope. As smart as you, you know everything. As long as you need it, I will always be there.

You are so heart-warming. I cherish the letters and greeting cards that you wrote to me since childhood. I remember the innovative dishes I watched you busy in the kitchen after get off work. At this time, I opened my hand for your obligation. The “Guwen Guan Zhi” which was seriously annotated by junior high school students… You know how to treat your family and friends sincerely, know how to be altruistic, and be sincere and patient in daily trivial matters. These are the qualities and methods for you to accomplish great things in the future.

When you are about to graduate, Ma Tsai wants to give you two words, and she also encourages you: avoid fear and lift weights lightly.

Being a parent is easy to care and mess up, and it is difficult to be particularly calm and fearless. Fear is also easy to spread to relatives. Excessive fear will only make the world shrink smaller and smaller. You are young and I am not old yet. We have a warm home and a determined love. It is when we are brave and hardworking. I still want to grow up with you. There are many things, don’t think too much, just work hard. Thinking is often a question, and doing it often results in an answer.

Lifting weights is something that people with serious personalities like us need to practice. I just saw a passage from Liu Run: Where is the gap between ordinary people and masters? It depends on whether you can get up from adversity and insist on doing one thing well. This is moving forward with weight. Where is the gap between the master and the top master? It lies in whether you can easily face difficulties and move forward firmly after getting up from adversity. This is how easy it is to lift weights.

For people and things, we do our best, but we are not demanding, there are setbacks and failures, we cheer ourselves up and face it with a smile. Anyway, I am willing to resonate with you at the same frequency. I also wish you, even in the midst of setbacks, you will not forget your ambition and work hard in the field you love.