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Going through the rainstorm


Summer comes, the sky seems higher, clear blue with white clouds like cotton drifting. And sunny, the summer sunshine is really different from the sunshine of the season of the year because of its harshness.
Early in the morning, the morning sun just sparkles and plays with the summer flowers. Only past noon, the sun brought heat to cover everything. The temperature rises continuously. In the afternoon, the sun gradually faded, but the road surface was still steaming hot. Sweat soaked the back of the pedestrian’s shirt and then dried, leaving a salty patch. There are nights, the fan only emits steaming heat. If traveling by car and stepping out of an air-conditioned room, we are likely to experience “thermal shock” because the temperature difference is too large.

Illustration After a period of continuous sunshine that seemed to drain all the water sources in all lakes and ponds in the City, one afternoon, the weather was suddenly sweltering and strangely quiet. And shortly after, the dark clouds came from nowhere. Lightning flashed through the sky, accompanied by a deafening thunderclap of thunder. When I was a child, whenever it was thundering, I was often afraid to tremble and frantically look for my mother to hide. Only a hug and a gentle word: “I’m here, don’t be afraid” brought peace of mind to the child that day. The wind started to rise. The trees on the side of the road twisted and twisted in the stormy rain. Once, I walked on Tran Phu Street in a thunderstorm and was in the “rain of leaves”. The poor crocodile leaves were blown off the branches by the wind and thrown onto the pavement. Here and there, trees with broken branches and stumps fell on the road. The signs in front of the store also vibrated. Everyone rushed to find shelter from the rain. Then the rain came. The first raindrops were big and fluffy, falling on the hot pavement and being absorbed quickly. The rain poured down, the raindrops swirled and the fury of the wind poured down on all things. Hanoi street blurred in the rain. Just a moment, the white foaming rainwater flowing on the road swept away all the heat and sadness. The cool air calms down. Each age, we see the rain in a different way. I still remember the few times I hid from my mother to take a shower when I was a child. We kept running from the beginning of the street to the end of the street, even though the raindrops hit our bodies and our eyes sting. The raindrops falling into the mouth are so cool. We also invited each other to pick up fallen crocodiles, phoenix flowers, broken branches… Until now, I still remember the innocent laughter of naughty children. Then the children grew older day by day. The girls already know the meaning of avoiding the rain. There are summer afternoons, the whole group of friends sit folding paper boats, floating on the street in the rain. The colorful paper boats gradually drifted away on the rainy street carrying student poems with tender nostalgia. Thunderstorms come and go very quickly. The wind calmed down and the sky calmed down. After the rain, everything seems to be clearer. Sometimes, after a thunderstorm, if we go to West Lake or go to the outskirts of Hanoi, we will witness a brilliant rainbow after the rain. The color of the rainbow glittering after the rain seems to light up the hope and optimism in us. There are times in human life when we have to face storms. Perhaps the most frightening is the silence before the storm hits. That is when our hearts are filled with fear and confusion before the event. But, when we are strong enough to go through the storm, one day we look back, we will silently thank the past days that made us stronger and more courageous.