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Not Tzuyu or Sana, this is the most outstanding beauty in Twice


With her light skin tone, Dahyun always stands out the most from the other members of the group.

The 9 girls of Twice all have beautiful beauty and impressive visuals. However, when they stand next to each other, even though they have the same style, there is one person that stands out more. That person is not Sana or Tzuyu but Dahyun. In the recently released song, Dahyun again received a lot of attention with her light skin tone compared to the other members. Despite wearing the same outfit, Dahyun was noticed with her glowing white skin, almost completely matching the color of her outfit. When standing with other members, you can see that Dahyun’s skin tone is 1-2 tones brighter. That’s why when wearing white, people liken Dahyun’s skin to the color of the outfit. Her skin color is compared to white like tofu, both bright white and ruddy. Wearing white clothes, the outfit seems to completely blend into the skin… … wearing dark clothes, the more contrasting, the more clearly the white skin tone is highlighted. Even when sitting in the stands with other members, her bright white skin helped Dahyun become the focus and stand out. The members all wore the same black clothes, but the white skin and blonde hair made Dahyun stand out more. Thanks to this enviable complexion advantage, even though Dahyun is dressed like everyone else, Dahyun still stands out. She always becomes the focus of the group thanks to the obvious difference in skin color. Dahyun’s bright white skin has even become a beauty standard that many girls try to follow. Dahyun’s palm and face have almost identical colors, so even when taking photos in low light, Dahyun still stands out immensely.