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Tong Yao took the initiative to speak up, but Feng Shaofeng looked disdainful, and Zhang Ziyi didn’t have half of his position after the fire!


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Zhang Ziyi has always been a very temperamental person, and her whole person is very advanced. Her face shape will give people a very international feeling, which is incomparable to others. Tong Yao’s length is Two people who are very similar to her feel the same in appearance, but to be honest, compared with Zhang Ziyi, Tong Yao does look a bit inferior. After all, her whole face is not that very advanced, Zhang Ziyi’s whole person It is very international.

Tong Yao took the initiative to speak up, but Feng Shaofeng seemed to be very cold and disdainful, and he did not have half of Zhang Ziyi’s status. However, Tong Yao is actually quite beautiful, but she and Zhang Ziyi look very similar, so there is always a contrast.

Tong Yao wears a white shirt with a black skirt, which is very sexy, especially the legs look very long. This kind of clothes is a bit more professional and looks more Maturity.

An apricot long sleeve paired with a pair of denim pants is a little more fashionable. After wearing such clothes, the whole person looks very individual, mainly because the face looks very small. what.

The black leather jacket is more individual, and the yellow leather pants are matched with the lower body. Although Tong Yao and Zhang Ziyi look very similar, there is still a certain gap between the two.

And she usually looks very simple in her outfits, without the feeling of a big star at all. This looks more homely. The white top is paired with a pair of black pants, not at all. It looks good.

Zhang Ziyi usually wears the same simple clothes, she will look good, because she has a very good temperament. A pair of black pants like this white top is very simple and generous.

This dress looks too individual, and the style is also very prominent, but because it is a relatively tight style, it will naturally be simple and bloated. Fortunately, Zhang Ziyi has a more aura and wears it. It doesn’t look ugly.