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‘Green silk’ bends around Ngoc Long Tuyet Son


If the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yunnan province, China) is like a silver-white dragon flying under the sky, then right at the foot of the mountain, there is also a green ribbon winding around, that is Lam Nguyet Coc.

The majestic Ngoc Long Tuyet Son seen from Lam Nguyet Coc. Two contrasting shades of blue Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the 71st highest snow mountain in the world. The mountain range has 12 peaks, the highest peak is Phien Tu Dau with a height of 5,596m. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is covered with snow all year round, so the body of the mountain has the characteristic blue color of the rock, the top is the white color of ice and snow. Although the temperature is quite low, the vegetation at the foot of the mountain is very rich, including temperate, tropical and temperate trees. Traveling by cable car on the banks of the Jinsha River, you can see the lush, vast vegetation, looming small residential areas of the Naxi people. Lam Nguyet Coc is located in the north of Cam Hai Tu, south of Van Sam Bang, there are 4 lakes joined together like a crescent moon with jade green color, so it is called Lam Nguyet Coc (blue moon valley). ). Four lakes including Ngoc Dich, Kinh Dam, Tinh Dao and Lam Nguyet are like four large mirrors reflecting the majestic Ngoc Long snow mountain. Blue moon valley also has brown stone steps. Those stairs are divided into small walls so that the water flows down murmuring, poetic. The water in the lake has a characteristic jade green color and is clear on sunny days, however, on rainy days, the water turns white. The climate in Lam Nguyet Coc is very good, the summer is about 25oC. Due to the high terrain, Lam Nguyet Coc welcomes bright sunlight but warm, low humidity. The “mini” waterfalls are nourished from melting ice on the top of Ngoc Long. Famous wedding photography locations According to local people, in Lam Nguyet Valley, there was once a Naxi couple who fell in love with each other. The boy who wants to show his love to the girl will have to stand barefoot under the cold water in the valley in the winter, this is a challenge for the boy to show his sincerity to the girl. If they overcome this challenge in the presence of the holy mountain of Ngoc Long, the couple will be eternally happy. Therefore, many couples take the cable car to a relatively high altitude on Ngoc Long Tuyet Son to preserve their marriage photos, even though the air on it is quite thin, it is mandatory to bring an oxygen tank and an anti-air jacket. Specialized refrigeration. The busiest wedding photography season for photographers is spring and autumn, when the young leaves are green or when the vegetation turns yellow and rustles. Another recently established photography-related service is riding and taking pictures with yaks (also known as Yak cows), a species of cow that lives in cold regions along the Himalayan mountain range, Thanh plateau – Tibet and Mongolia. The yak is about 1.5m to 2m high, white or brown, black in color, has long, thick and smooth fur, beautiful curved horns. The price of renting a cow is about 10-15 yuan depending on the cow owner. Keeping photos on the back of a yaks, behind is Ngoc Long Tuyet Son, is something that any visitor would like to have. A woman rides a yak in Lam Nguyet Valley. Both Ngoc Long Tuyet Son and Lam Nguyet Coc are often included in the Lijiang – Shangri La tour because they are quite close to each other, some tours include the ancient city of Dali and the stone forest of Shilin. In particular, at Ngoc Long Park, visitors can register to enjoy the musical “Impression of Lijiang” by director Zhang Yimou with the participation of 500 dancers and 200 horses on an outdoor stage. The musical is more than an hour and a half long, focusing on promoting the culture of Lijiang and Naxi ethnic people in front of the majestic mountain scenery of the Jade Dragon. Every day “Impressive Lijiang” has 3 performances at 9am, 11am and 2pm. Traveling to Yunnan is the first choice of Vietnamese people when coming to China because Yunnan is close to the Vietnamese border in Lao Cai (via Ha Khau border gate), can go by train, cool climate, cheap price. The cost is low and there are many cultural colors from ethnic minorities such as Naxi ethnic group, Di ethnic group, Bai ethnic group, Thai ethnic group, etc.