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Guizhou hides a secret place, the scenery is comparable to that of Guilin, with few people and beautiful scenery


What do you think of first when you see the scenery in front of you? Perhaps many friends will think of Guilin’s landscape. The two do have many similarities. Both are typical karst landforms. However, this is not Guilin’s landscape, but the national 4A-level tourist attraction “Wanfeng Lake” in Xingyi City, Guizhou. Known as “the lake of ten thousand peaks, the most in the southwest, the landscape painting”.

Compared with the landscape of Guilin, the popularity here is much lower, but its scenery is comparable to that of Guilin! Wanfeng Lake is located about 35 kilometers southeast of Xingyi City. It takes about an hour to drive from the city to this place. Perhaps because of its remoteness, I know that there are not many tourists here or here, but there are not many people. Great place in Jingmei. The predecessor of Wanfeng Lake was the rebellious Nanpan River. In 1991, due to the construction of the Tianshengqiao Hydropower Station, after the completion of the high dam, the river was blocked by the hydropower station, thus forming the Wanfeng Lake with blue waves. As a national key hydropower project, the Tianshengqiao Hydropower Station perfectly solves the electricity problem in the southwest region, and thus promotes the economic development of Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces. Wanfeng Lake is named after it is located among thousands of peaks and forests. Its scale is very large. How big is it? According to the official data, Wanfeng Lake holds 10.8 billion cubic meters of water and has a water area of ​​816 square kilometers. Its area is equivalent to the area of ​​2 Dali Erhai Lake, 17 Qingzhen Hongfeng Lake, and 76 Hangzhou West Lakes. It can be seen that its scale is huge. Not only that, Wanfeng Lake also has this beautiful and magnificent natural scenery. Its water quality is also very good. The transparency of the water body is more than 2 meters. The lake surface is vast and the lake is surrounded by majestic peaks and forests. Its beautiful landscape is suitable for visiting all year round. . The most important way to visit Wanfeng Lake is to take a boat. In fact, the scenic spot does not charge tickets. If you are going to visit by boat, you only need to buy a boat ticket. Adults are 60 yuan per person, and the price is not expensive. I have experienced the scenery of many places before, and I am also very passionate about natural mountains and rivers, especially this place full of wild and beautiful scenery, and Wanfeng Lake is just such a place, why is it not tempting. Wanfeng Lake also has a title called “Little Three Gorges”. It travels by boat on the lake. From time to time, it is a vast lake. From time to time, it walks through the “river course” facing the mountain peaks. The lake is green like a gem, and the mountain peaks It is even more beautiful and magnificent. This situation can not help but remind people of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, from which the name “Little Three Gorges” came from. Wanfeng Lake is dominated by natural scenery, but also incorporates a bit of humanistic landscape. The most spectacular of them is the ancient fort building hidden in the lake. Its name is also very atmospheric, called “Geelong Fort”. It is a hotel. To visit the interior, you need to buy tickets. Even so, it also attracted the attention of many tourists, who went to check in and take pictures. The water stone forest of Wanfeng Lake is also its core landscape. The stone forests are distributed on the lakeside, small and beautiful, reflecting on the mountain peaks, showing their unique charm. I don’t know, have you ever been to or heard of the “Wanfeng Lake” in Xingyi City, Guizhou? What is your impression of the scenery here? If you haven’t been, will you come here to check in if you have a chance? Welcome to leave comments.