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Guo Taiming: “The mainland cannot do without me”. Now he wants to go back to the country for development, but the new giant refuses to agree!


There are many businessmen in China, and many big assets monopolize some industries in our country, and the bosses of these big assets are now very inflated. For example, Taiwanese businessman Guo Taiming, everyone knows that his Foxconn has its own industries throughout our country, and Guo Taiming’s workers also have hundreds of thousands of workers, so Guo Taiming once threatened: “The mainland can’t do without me!” So is the mainland really inseparable from him?

The outbreak of the epidemic also made us realize the faces of many businessmen. For example, Jack Ma’s Alibaba donations and materials counted a total of one billion yuan, but in Alibaba, I don’t know how many companies donated money and materials. And we ordinary people have also extended a helping hand, and even many people who live by picking up trash have donated their only savings.

But such an enterprise became an iron cock when the Chinese people needed their help the most. Of course, Guo Taiming was retaliated soon, and suffered a lot, because most of the Foxconn employees in this epidemic were unable to resume work normally.

Foxconn is famous for relying on the foundry iPhone, but in recent years iPhone sales have fallen and domestic labor costs have risen, and Foxconn has gone to India for development. First, 5 billion was invested in India, but the Indian factory plan was still blocked. At the time when Foxconn deployed the Indian market, BYD, a new domestic giant, rose rapidly. BYD is not only an automobile factory, but also a large mobile phone foundry.

The CEO of BYD is an automobile factory in the eyes of many people. In fact, BYD is involved in a lot of industries. BYD wants to step into new fields and acquire the latest popular mobile phone software, from thousands of dollars of Adidas Nike and other sports shoes to major fashion brands. , And then to LV Rolex and other famous bags and watches that cost tens of thousands of yuan, it only costs one or two hundred on the purchase of goods.Everyone crazy download

In 2018, BYD achieved 19.5 billion yuan in revenue, becoming the second largest mobile phone foundry after Foxconn.

However, BYD is different from Foxconn in that it insists on independent research and development of core technologies, continuously improves its foundry strength, and creates its own characteristic production line, which Foxconn did not expect. Terry Gou also realized that Foxconn’s position is being impacted.

Now BYD has won orders from mobile phone giants such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, and its foundries are not limited to domestic ones. BYD factories have been built in India, Romania and other places. BYD’s early global deployment is worthy of being a new giant that can threaten Foxconn. Gou did not expect that BYD was quietly rising when he was deploying in India.

Foxconn first took a fancy to the Indian market. The low labor force in India can reduce a lot of costs. However, Foxconn has recently suffered setbacks in India and wants to return to the domestic market. It’s easy to leave and it’s hard to turn around. Gou made a wrong calculation this time. The new foundry giant has already swallowed most of the orders, and it’s hard to come back.

It can be said that the Chinese people also taught Guo Taiming a lesson this time. It is not that the mainland cannot do without him, but he cannot do without us.