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Ho Ngoc Ha caused a ‘controversy’ with the suggestion of choosing to wear red shoes when husband and wife were in conflict


Mother of 3 Ho Ngoc Ha has just “released” a fashion clip with a series of suggestions for choosing shoes for women in each stage of marital status. But the most notable is the idea of ​​​​choosing red shoes when arguing.

Ho Ngoc Ha is probably now the happiest beauty in Vbiz when she is fortunate to have everything in her hand, from career, husband and children to beauty. Since giving birth to twins Leon and Lisa, Hue-born beauties seem to be more famous and more expensive than before. Not to disappoint fans, soon after giving birth, she re-appeared on social networks and attracted a lot of likes with her sparkling appearance. Whether it’s when going to an event, going to a show or even traveling, she always knows how to take advantage of fashion as an advantage for her beauty and beauty. The proof is that her personal page is always bustling with winged compliments every time she posts a certain fashion photo. Recently, in her spare time because of the distance, the mother of 3 took advantage of showing a small corner of the closet with a video clip of choosing shoes. Regardless of the brand of the shoes, Ha Ho clearly describes the gout of women’s shoe selection through each stage of life. First of all, when you are single and no one is “looking for stamps”, isn’t everyone very innovative with shoes with unique designs? The nude shoes she is wearing are a new design of the Bottega Veneta brand with a fancy boat shape and a playful heel. The learning process can be an exciting time for many people. This is the time when women take the most care to dress up in order to impress the other party. At the same time, at this time, we often receive winged compliments from that person, but everyone is aiming for high heels with a bow tie to wear with the skirt. The period of love is a step further in terms of dressing. If anyone meets someone who understands and cares, the fashion gout is as prominent as when flirting. The “watery” bow details are gradually replaced by more luxurious and sexy rhinestone details. Just like clothes, the opening of the feet also shows a part of a person’s marital status. When they were young, there were no strings attached, everyone wanted to choose open-toed designs to show off their elaborately painted feet. And when you’re married, a pair of tight noses and thin heels are probably attractive enough and flattering with many sets of knee-length skirts. After giving birth, our sister’s health was partly affected, her legs and spine were not strong enough to be able to carry on high heels. However, the fashion element still needs to be ensured, so menswear-style open-heeled mules are a good choice. When the children are even, carrying their armpits, everyone puts the element of flexibility and health first. Heel shoes in some situations cannot be equal to sturdy sneakers. However, married life also has disagreements, so what shoes to wear now? Ho Ngoc Ha suggested a pair of red velvet shoes studded with elaborate stones, high heels but firmer soles. Is there any purpose in this! Immediately, she asked more than 2.8 million fans on instagram to give their opinions: “What do you think when you argue with red shoes?” Netizens rushed to express their personal opinions, arguing that they had to “go out” or red to represent “a brave woman”, possessing mastery, not condescending. There are also people who assert, arguing with red shoes is a proof that “I am single and attractive”. I don’t know what each person’s personal opinion is, but perhaps Ho Ngoc Ha’s video has contributed to some fun for netizens in boring spacing shoes. In addition to the above suggestions, this summer, the mother of 3 often uses flat sandals to facilitate movement during outings and down the street. Slippers also have this and that, but if you are willing to spend for a quality pair from a famous brand, when mixing with dresses like Ha Ho, you will not worry about “out of phase”. For more uniformity, choose flip-flops with bags and other accessories.