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Hot season, how to eat?


The whole country is already at the hottest time of the year. Some people begin to see signs of ill health such as itching, hot urine, urinary retention, fatigue, some people even feel hot flashes, loss of concentration.
Too much heat affects health, especially for people with poor health. So in the hot summer, how to supplement and eat foods to have a healthy body?

What does hot weather need to add? Focus on food groups that help strengthen resistance and sleep: Food groups with cooling properties such as: Amaranth, water spinach, squash … help bring a feeling of coolness, while providing many vitamins. , add fiber, good for the digestive system; Provide protein and many important nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium … with foods such as meat, fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, milk, oysters, oysters, mussels, beans; Strengthen the immune system, appetite and help develop skeletal muscle with foods such as fresh fruits, yogurt, onions, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes, herbs (perilla, marjoram, dill). …); Provide vitamin C, carotene and mineral salts with fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, lentils…; Helps stabilize nerves to help relax and sleep easily with milk, especially milk rich in calcium, tryptophan, taurin. What to eat to cool? Summer is very suitable for boiled dishes: boiled melon, boiled peanuts, boiled okra, red zucchini. Amaranth, water spinach, spinach, jute vegetables are cool to eat, but for people with a strong stomach (hot enough), it is good, but people with a cold stomach are easy to have wet stools. These vegetables should be cooked lightly or cooked with dried shrimp, minced meat, and tamari better than boiled. In the summer, you should eat a lot of boiled food, limit fried and spicy foods. Eat raw vegetables: Types such as ram, lettuce, cucumber, green mango, star fruit are very suitable, add a little herbs like marjoram, basil, Chinese smell, coriander very well. Lettuce is very good, has cooling properties, opens ventilation, tonic gas, gas, detoxifies inflammation. This salad can be made with mixed vegetables. In the summer, it is very good to find purslane to eat raw or boiled. Purslane has antibacterial, toxic heat dissipation properties to treat many diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, stomach burns, itching… Cooking dishes: This season, avoid eating fried foods that are cooked over too much fire for too long. All kinds of sour soup are very suitable. Can use star fruit, pineapple, crocodile, spoon, vertical, roasted leaves, sour tamarind … and even sour shrimp, vinegar suddenly. It is recommended to eat a lot of very good seaweed, store or cook soup. Very cool and delicious dish is miso tofu seaweed. Pumpkin is a very special fruit with many good effects. It cools without causing welding, helps clear heat, detoxifies, cools blood, nourishes yin, eliminates salt, animal protein is very good. Tea: Black bean tea is a very good and popular dish. Using rock sugar will be cooler than molasses sugar. When cooking, if you can add a little ginger will be better. Summer is very important to drink water. Drink enough so that the kidneys do not overheat. If it is too hot, the urine will be hot, drizzling, and dark yellow in color. Especially those who travel a lot, work hard. People can boil some types of leaves to make them cooler, such as bare kernels, sticky leaves, corn silk, mandarin leaves, and various types of tonic ginseng juice. Tapioca flour is also a good choice, its cooling and energizing properties help to relieve heat, ventilate, and treat itching and heat. Eating raw is cooler than stirring. Summer is full of fruits, but not all fruits are cool. There are many types of heaters. Eating too much can cause pimples. The best and most suitable fruit is avocado. Ripe mango, guava, jackfruit, durian, litchi, longan, pineapple are all hot fruits. The types of melons, melons, and cucumbers are quite cool. Watermelon is cool to eat at first, even seems cold, but eating a lot and later can cause heat… Summer should drink coconut water, salted apricot juice, lemon juice, orange juice. Foods to limit Limit fast foods, fried foods, high in fat such as fried chicken, french fries, fatty meat, sausages, canned goods, sausages… because they are both difficult to digest and require a lot of energy provide more water for metabolism; Limit eating a lot of sweets, including ice cream (to avoid respiratory infections), cakes, sweetened condensed milk…; Avoid eating frozen foods.