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How about the red wine from the first-class French Bordeaux Château Blanc?


Chateau Cheval Blanc is one of the eight famous chateaus in Bordeaux that are as famous as Lafite and Patrice. It is located in the legal production area of ​​Saint-Emilion. Some people say that it is precisely because of the White Horse Estate that makes the Saint-Emilion legal production area more colorful.

In 2004, a film called “A Life with Wine” was launched with a bottle of 1961 White Horse Winery wine as the main line. There is a scene that many people are unforgettable: Miles Raymond, the lonely, depressed, and desolate protagonist, uses a plastic coffee cup in a fast food restaurant to drink his favorite bottle of the precious old-year White Horse Chateau wine. In the same year, there was a Hong Kong movie “Dragon Wind Fight”. Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng played a pair of snitches who were in love. They stole a bottle of wine at a high price in a wine shop. This bottle of wine is also known as the “Wine King” by Hong Kong people. “The wine from the White Horse Winery in 1961.” The classic movie bridge segment makes the White Horse Winery become popular among the people.

From classicist castles that have been inherited for many centuries to new buildings designed by world-renowned designers, White Horse Winery allows visitors to cross the barriers of time and space and plunge themselves into the style of the Middle Ages. The old manor, the secluded castle, the novel brewing area, and the intertwined gravel road are quiet and elegant. The White Horse Manor occupies the unique geographical location of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. Its mysterious name of the manor and the simple and amazing wine produced make the White Horse Manor an irresistible temptation in many people’s hearts.

There are two different theories about the origin of the name of White Horse Winery. One way of saying: There was a chic inn where the former winery was located, and King Henry often rode his white love horse to pass by here to rest. Therefore, the inn was named “White Horse Inn”. Later, after the place was changed to a winery, it was also called White Horse Winery. Another way of saying this: when it belonged to Figeac, it was not that large areas of grapes were planted here, but it was a place where Figeac was used to raise horses. It was only after the sale that large areas of grapes were planted, and after becoming a winery, it was officially named Baima Winery.

In the 19th century, the White Horse Winery spread the wings of a romantic dream. From the beginning of brewing in 1834 to the final take shape in 1871, White Horse Winery has written a legend. Because creative actions were required at the very beginning, the traditional grape varieties of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol were combined with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and the classic taste of Chateau Blanc wine was formed.

The 20th century was a period when White Horse Winery was widely recognized. In 1954, White Horse Winery was rated as a first-class premium winery A-level, and every ten years thereafter, it will firmly grasp its own highest honor.