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Urban white-collar workers’ favorite living room ceiling design enhances the style of the entire home


The living room is the “most face” space in the home. The decoration is good, that is, it is stylish and high-grade! If the decoration is not beautiful, I am really embarrassed to invite friends to visit the house.

Is there a way to quickly upgrade the quality of the living room? Have! That is to install a suitable and exquisite ceiling.


Linear ceiling

The straight-line ceiling technology is relatively simple, and it can realize the ceiling function at a lower cost, while bringing the design of central air-conditioning and auxiliary lighting.

Simply put, the linear ceiling is to make a square ceiling frame around the ceiling. Through this ceiling shape, with embedded downlights or spotlights, it creates an exquisite and generous atmosphere.

Applicable room: The height of the room is about 2.6 meters, and it can be used in living room, bedroom and other areas, suitable for square houses.

Suitable style: modern and simple.


Stacked ceiling

Stacked ceilings, on the basis of linear ceilings, create a shape similar to a ladder, step by step, adding a sense of hierarchy and characteristics to the home decoration.

Applicable room: Generally, the floor height is above 2.7 meters, or the house is more than two stories.

Suitable style: suitable for modern and simple, Nordic and other styles.


Plane ceiling

The flat ceiling gives the impression that there is no ceiling, which is very suitable for owners who pursue individuality but do not like to be too luxurious. The effect is simple but high-grade.

Applicable room: suitable for a variety of spaces. Sometimes in order to increase thermal insulation, a flat suspended ceiling is also used on the top layer.

Suitable style: modern and simple.


Dome ceiling

The dome-shaped ceiling is an arched or covered ceiling, which is shaped like a hemisphere. Looking up inside, the height and depth will produce a shocking effect.

Applicable rooms: Suitable for rooms with very high floors or a pointed roof. The minimum point of the space is more than 2.6 meters, and the highest point is usually about four or five meters.

Suitable style: European style and partial European style.


Curved ceiling

The curved ceiling often walks around the space, but the lines are mostly curved or wavy, giving people an elegant and natural sense of smoothness.

Applicable rooms: Suitable for rooms with a height of about 2.6 meters, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.

Suitable style: The decoration style is not very obvious, which can increase the dynamic and reduce the dull feeling.


Shaped ceiling

Ceilings with irregular shapes are called special-shaped ceilings. In the past, due to material limitations, these graphics were limited to simple cartoon patterns such as stars and moons. Now that the technology is mature, other patterns can also be made.

Applicable room: normal room height (2.6 meters) can be used.

Suitable for styles: suitable for a variety of styles, depending on the pattern.


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