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How could I not think of the originality, add a cross bar to the kitchen window sill, put all the pots and pans on it, and the storage is perfect


Guide: How could I not think of adding a shelf to the kitchen, putting all pots and pans on it, perfect storage!

Decoration is a science. Sometimes because of neglecting a small detail, the final completion result and the imagined effect are very different. At the beginning, when the editor was decorating, he thought about how to look good and how to decorate, but after the decoration was completed, I found the kitchen There are a lot of pots and pans, and there is no place to put them at all. As a result, storage becomes a headache for me. After all, these pots and pans are placed in the kitchen, which not only affects the appearance, but also breeds a lot of bacteria if there is no place to put them. , Which would endanger our health. Later, a neighbor came to my house and gave me some ideas. In the end, although I spent some money, it also solved the storage problem perfectly, and it did not take up any square meters of space. , Faced with such a clean and tidy kitchen, I can’t wait to share these good things with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, let’s not say much, let’s take a look.

This method is to add some shelves to the kitchen. For some small-sized households, this method is very practical. It will not look so compact in a limited area, and it can be used with reasonable design and planning. I placed some items and listened to the neighbor’s suggestion. I realized that my brain was not enough. I couldn’t think of such a simple method. I am very grateful to the neighbor for coming to my house. I don’t want to say much, but I just go straight to the topic. Share it with everyone.

Sink rack: This artifact is still quite powerful. There is also a storage area for chopsticks baskets and bottles at the bottom. Plates and bowls can be placed on the top, and fruits can be placed on the right side. This is a multi-purpose design, isn’t it? Perfect? Therefore, I think everyone should not let it go.

This shelf has a hollow design to facilitate filtering out water stains, so that the kitchenware is not easy to breed bacteria and odors, and the silver stainless steel material is very good no matter which style matches it. It looks beautiful and is easy to use. It is very convenient. For small-sized households, this artifact is a must. Corner shelf: The stainless steel metal hook is also a sharp tool for kitchen storage. Compared with the display rack, its installation and disassembly will be more convenient and convenient. All kinds of kitchen utensils can be stored, so that it will look cleaner. And neat, it will be very convenient and smooth to use. This shelf is also designed in silver stainless steel. Some bottles, pots, pots and pans can be used for storage. For small-sized families, if the wall space is fully utilized, the entire kitchen space may be It will double, so it’s worth starting. Wall hanging rods: There are too many pots and pans at home, and they are not suitable for placing them. It will not only take up space but also breed bacteria. Then we can nail a few wall hanging rods on the wall, so that it can give you nowhere. The kitchen tools are now a home. Items of different sizes on the noodles need to be placed in different positions, so that the small kitchen becomes orderly. Some small objects are placed in the lot, and some pots and utensils are placed on the metal hooks, and then they are on the top. Tableware, the top of the table is the kitchen utensils that are rarely used, so that it will be easy to handle and the kitchen will look very convenient. Hole Board Shelves: Hole Board Shelves are also used on the wall space. I didn’t know much about Hole Board before, but after I started it, I found that Hole Board is a very magical thing, a pot in the kitchen. Bowls and pans can be stored with it, which seems to remind people of the word “perfect”. After hanging some kitchen utensils on the hole board, it gives people a visual enjoyment. If you like to store it by hand, it will look like a nice scene in the kitchen. If you like it, hurry up and start it, not only for decoration. And to store is very powerful. Why can’t I think of adding shelves to the kitchen, putting all the pots and pans on it, and the storage is perfect! These artifacts are relatively affordable in terms of price, and they are also very durable. They can be managed for a long time after you get them. They can also make you have a suitable home for pots and pans that you have nowhere to put, and the kitchen will look more It’s clean and tidy. Therefore, if you like it, remember to start it. Although you will spend some money when you buy it, it hurts your heart, but you will find that it’s all worth it after you buy it