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Original Haier Zhijia’s Letter: It’s a confession and a farewell


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Author | She Kaiwen

Suddenly, Haier Zhijia has been renamed for two years.

What has Haier Zhijia done in the past two years? What have you gained? On June 21st, Haier Zhi used “a letter from the family” to initiate a cross-time look at each other.

In my opinion, this is not only a confession letter, but also a farewell letter.

What Haier Zhijia confessed is the future. Haier Zhijia wrote the idealized life picture of “smart home, new residence” between the lines; farewell is the past. Haier Zhijia, which has entered the new track of the scene ecological brand, has already cooperated with the “home appliance brand”. The label waved goodbye.

Confess the future: let users live what they want

“Once, I was just an object in your home, and now I am integrating into your family life; once, as long as I have good quality, you will be satisfied, and now, your life wisdom is my attitude.”

A family letter, with a few hundred words, tells the changes in the lifestyle of a generation. In the eyes of the outside world, the home appliance industry has long been a red sea. With the upgrading of demand and the iteration of technology, where will the industry go in the future? “IoT Smart Home Ecology” may be the answer.

In Haier Zhijia’s understanding, “allowing users to live what they want” is the most sincere confession about the future.

In the new era, users no longer need a home appliance, but a complete and convenient smart scene. In an interview with the media, Li Huagang, president of Haier Smart Home, said: “We study the best kitchen appliances and the best refrigerators in the world, but today users want more than just this, but a perfect home.”

This is also the innate mission of the scene brand Triwing Bird. From the actual experience, based on the industry-leading rich smart network devices, Triwing Bird can provide the most comprehensive whole-house full-scenario solution, and the most professional smart home whole-house renovation/bureau refurbishment service.

For example, the Triwing Smart Kitchen includes smart food scene solutions for the whole process of eating, buying, storing, preparing, washing and changing. In the past, the refrigerator was nothing more than a container for food storage, and the refrigerator in the Triwing Smart Kitchen can tailor a complete set of healthy meal services such as customized diet plans and provide healthy traceable ingredients for users, with a new identity as a “family food butler” Integrate into the user’s real life scene.

At the same time, Haier Smart Home works with all walks of life to serve user needs in an open and cooperative manner, ensuring that smart scenarios can be freely customized and continuously iterated. For example, there are not only washing machines and dryers on the balcony, but also fitness equipment, balcony cabinets, green plants, etc. according to your wishes, to become an exclusive “third space”. As the letter said, “Once, your balcony had nothing to do with me. Today, 13 scenes have turned the small balcony into a big world.” So are consumers living the life they want? In April, Ms. Shao, who lives in Qingdao, renewed her 22-year-old kitchen through Triwing Bird, which not only optimized the space utilization rate, but also made daily family meals more scientific and convenient. In June of this year, she lived in the South District of Qingdao. Grandpa Wang, the empty-nest elderly man, has replaced it with a smart bathroom that integrates functions such as smart voice operation, home appliance interconnection, spacious storage space, and age-appropriate safety devices through the three-winged bird. The data will not lie. From January to May this year, the sales of Triwing Bird Beijing Experience Center 001 exceeded 70 million, of which the sales of home appliances were 25.33 million, and the income of home scene + ecology was nearly 25 million. The sales of scene ecology is about to Keep up with appliance hardware. Farewell: Say goodbye to home appliance brand labels “A letter from a family letter cannot be consistent with trust; a letter from a family letter can never finish my transformation into a long one.” Times are changing, and Haier Zhijia also bid farewell to the label of “home appliance brand” in the traditional impression, and turned to a new track of scene ecological brand. So what does this shift mean for consumers, the industry, and themselves? For users, the idealized lifestyle of “smart home, new residence” is within reach. Based on the advantages of industry-leading smart web devices, Haier Smart Home uses the “Smart Home Brain” to realize independent thinking and active services in various scenarios. Smart home brain is the core technology engine of smart home. It uses technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing for intelligent perception, intelligent connection, intelligent interaction, and intelligent decision-making. It continues to evolve, allowing users to feel ubiquitous and natural. The new smart home experience of communication, initiative, caring, safety, reliability, and continuous evolution is equivalent to having a smart housekeeper at home, thus realizing a smart home with a “brain”. For the industry, Haier Zhijia is using innovative models to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Data shows that Haier Smart Home has fully led the formulation and revision of international standards for smart homes in international standards organizations such as IEC, ISO, IEEE, and OCF. In addition, Haier Smart Home has built the largest smart home scene ecology in the industry, accelerating the cross-border integration of the industry and creating a win-win situation. For itself, Haier Zhijia completed the subversion and continued its original intention. From the beginning to the end, Haier Zhijia’s core development logic centered on “user needs” has not changed. Faced with new demands and new trends in the new era, Haier Zhijia, which took the lead in transforming scene ecological brands, once again took the lead in the industry. Nowadays, when it comes to smart homes and scene ecology, the first response of the consumer market will be “Haier Smart Home”. The full implementation of smart homes has also driven the confidence of the capital market to rise. to sum up A “letter from home” may be difficult to describe the changes in the industry and the expectations of Haier Zhijia, but this letter once again allows the market to see Haier Zhijia’s determination to bid farewell to the past. Of course, this farewell is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey. *The pictures in this article are from the Internet