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Very Krypton 001 officially listed, the price of 281-36 million after subsidies


On April 15, Geely Automobile’s first model of the Geekrypton brand, Geekrypton 001, was officially launched. The price of the new car was 281-36 million yuan after subsidies. The new car has three configurations to choose from. The details can be seen in the table below. Jikrypton 001 is a medium and large-scale pure electric vehicle. It is built on the basis of SEA’s vast architecture. The new car will be delivered in October. From the price list, we can see that there are three configurations of Polar Krypton 001. Among them, the long-life dual-motor WE version and the ultra-long-life single-motor WE version are priced at 281,000 yuan after subsidy. The cruising range is very different. They are 526km and 712km respectively. The dual-motor WE version has better performance, while the ultra-long-endurance WE version has better endurance. The same price makes it easier for consumers to perform between performance and endurance. trade off. The ultra-long battery life dual-motor YOU version is priced at 360,000 yuan, and its pure electric range is 606 kilometers, which combines performance and endurance, but the price is much more expensive. Very Krypton 001 is a beautiful model. The design language of the new car is similar to that of Lynk & Co. Its front grille adopts a recessed design and adopts a black penetrating style as a whole, with headlights on both sides. A hidden design is adopted. The daytime running lights and turn signals of the new car are designed on both ends of the front hood, using a frog-eye style. These are the design features of Lynk & Co. The bottom of the front face of the new car uses a simple and sporty surround, the bottom uses a front shovel of the same color as the body, and there is a trapezoidal grille design in the middle. The side of the body of the extremely krypton 001 is very impressive, and the new car adopts a travel-style body design, which looks very international as a whole. The roof of the new car adopts a sunken design, the D-pillar adopts a forward-leaning style, the charging hole is designed at the position of the front fender on the left side of the body, and the new car adopts a hidden door handle design. The lower body of the new car adopts a very three-dimensional style. The lower end of the window adopts a more prominent body design. The wheel hub adopts a very cross-border design. The banners on the wheel hub are not in a uniform style, and the shape is very individual.化. The rear end of the new car also appears to be relatively advanced, and the rear windshield adopts a large forward-leaning design. The lower body at the rear of the new car has a sense of hierarchy. It uses a through-style taillight. The two ends of the taillight adopt an energy column style. The middle of the tail adopts a groove design. The bottom of the new car is also very sporty. The interior of the Very Krypton 001 is also more avant-garde, with a three-spoke steering wheel, an unobstructed LCD instrument design, a large central control screen with a floating style, and a layered comparison on the side of the co-pilot. Simple panels for decoration. The design style of the platform on the front side of the new car is also relatively simple, and the side of the co-pilot adopts an armrest design. The length, width, and height of the extremely krypton 001 are 4970/1999/1560mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm. The vehicle is very large. The future competitor of the new car will be BYD’s Han EV. In terms of power, the dual-motor version of Krypton 001 is equipped with a comprehensive output of 544 horsepower (400kW), a peak torque of 768 Nm, and an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds from 100 kilometers.