Home Science How powerful is the complete combo of Kamen Rider OOO? (P.3)

How powerful is the complete combo of Kamen Rider OOO? (P.3)


Kamen Rider OOO possesses powerful transformation states, but how formidable can they be?
Different from the random combos, the complete combos Kamen Rider OOO all possess immeasurable power that destroys nature. Continuation previous post Let’s find out about the last combo with Saostar.

Putotyra Also known under the name “Muteki no Combo” (unbeaten Combo), Putotyra is a combination of a trio of Core Medals consisting of Ptera (Pteranodon), Tricera (Triceratops – long triangle) and Tyranno (Tyrannosaurus -). tyrant). As its name suggests, Putotyra is OOO’s strongest combo. With the dangerous power of ancient dinosaurs, Putotyra possesses the ability to overwhelm other combos and is capable of smashing Core Medals of the same type. Aside from its superior armor specs, the reason the Putotyra has such a formidable destructive power is due to its nature that goes against the regular Core Medals. If the Medals carried the power of “desire”, Putotyra would deny this very thing. For the same reason, it is impossible to combine Purple Core with other Core types. Putotyra includes the following basic capabilities: – Dragon’s wings called External Fins can be used to fly, as well as freeze opponents with a blast of super cold air. – The Triangular Dragon horn is called Wind Stinger, and the Taildivider tail of the dinosaur can lengthen and shorten as much as Eiji. Putotyra’s unique moves are considered extremely powerful, with potentially much more damage than we know. Blasting Freezer: When activating this move, OOO will use the super hard Wind Stinger horn to pierce the enemy’s body to fix them, then freeze the enemy with External Fins and use Taildivider to smash the victim’s body into piece by piece. The destructive power of this move is up to 100 tons. – Putotyranno Hissatsu, Ax Mode: When using Medagabryu in ax mode, OOO can launch the Ground of Rage finishing blow. This move can easily shatter Core Medals of different types, with a destructive power of up to 170 tons. – Putotyranno Hissatsu, gun mode: When using Medagabryu in gun mode, OOO can deliver the Strain Doom finishing blow. This is a long-range finishing blow, with a destructive power of up to 200 tons. However, the limitation of this combo is that it can cause the user to lose their reason and gradually become Greeed. Even though it can be controlled, Putotyra’s power will decrease and still suffer from body pressure after using it. Burakawani Burakawani is a reptile combo, made up of a trio of Core Medals including Cobra (cobra), Kame (turtle), and Wani (crocodile). Its special powers are: – With the power of a cobra, OOO possesses a vision twice as far as an ordinary person, and even sees infrared rays from the opponent, so it is not affected by the restricted environment such as night or in the jungle. Besides, when using a flute, OOO can awaken a snake head to attack enemies from a distance. Another important power of this snake head is to create a compound called “Soma Venom”. Venom Soma can not only break down muscle fatigue and release them as gases, but also help OOO to detoxify toxins present in the body and then eliminate them in a similar way. Not only that, it also has the effect of recovering immediately after performing any attack, and at the same time strengthens the muscles to a level beyond normal. With the power of a turtle, OOO can defend with two shells called Goura Guardner. When combined, the user can create a giant energy shield about 10 meters wide. It also works to increase the damage done to punches. – With crocodile strength, OOO legs surrounded by an energetic crocodile head capable of tearing. Thanks to that, the damage of the kicks is extremely large. Tamashii Known as the “Kaijin Combo” (Monster Combo), Tamashii is a special combination of powers since, apart from Taka Medal, it was also created by Imagin (the monster in Kamen Rider Den-O ) and Shocker (the most persistent evil organization). Basically, we can assume that this is one of the strongest states that OOO has ever used. – Tamashii Combo possesses a horn on the shoulder that contains the excess energy of Momotaros, which can be used as a weapon. – Gain the ability to move instinctively before thinking. – The sharp edge in the heel has a nature that becomes sharper before the wicked. – The knee armor is as sharp as a sword, able to cut opponents when touched. – With the power of Imagin – those who are good at possessing people, OOO can avoid being possessed by anyone. Contains all combat data of monsters and warriors created by Shocker. – With his ultimate called Tamashii Bomber, OOO is able to muster an energy source that is enough to destroy the Great Leader of Shocker – who has knocked down Kamen Riders.