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If you want to live a peaceful life, regal, people destined for Kim should do this


In this article, let’s learn about feng shui knowledge for people destined for Kim to bring money into the house, easy to do but highly effective.

What does Destiny bring in your wallet to attract the god of wealth? The wallet is our embodiment and acts as a treasury, both helping the owner to store money and also helping to activate the fortune and prosperity of the Kim destiny. So this person should put something in the wallet to be taken care of and bestowed by the god of fortune. According to the theory of the five elements, Earth gives birth to Kim. Earth represents the earth, so anyone with a par Kim should carry a small packet of soil with them. You can also choose a compact bracelet or a small item like a ceramic bead in your wallet because ceramic is made from earth, so it also supports the destiny, helping the owner of the Kim destiny to promote prosperity and fortune. Bring good luck and bring fortune to yourself and your family. In case you bring the land with you, of course, you don’t have to bring the whole piece of land, choose to pick up some clean dry sand and put it in a small bag of your choice of color (preferably the white of your destiny) and let it be. in your wallet or if you don’t have a wallet, take it with you. This will bring unexpected fortunes that make the person destined for Kim always rich in fortune. Feng shui plants suitable for people destined for Kim Based on the color of the tree to choose. Kim represents metal, so the destiny color of Kim par is white and gold. Some of the most suitable ornamental plants for people with par Kim are: Money Tree Characteristic of the leaves growing alternately but with a pre-arranged arrangement. The branches look like ancient coins. Even the name money money has shown the tree that symbolizes money and wealth. It is said that this species of tree that is suitable for this par Kim will give the owner, do business and prosper, he will receive heaven and money like water. Not only is the bonsai suitable for par Kim, but the money tree is also chosen by many people thanks to its meaning. It can be seen in every small shop that the owner often places this potted plant near the cashier counter or the entrance. Depending on the intended use, you can choose the appropriate one. Normally, if used in a business place, you should choose a tall tree with many leaves. And if you work in an office, a beautiful small pot will be a wise choice. Orchid tree Has green leaves year round, white flowers with open shell or heart shaped leaves. The white color of the Ylang Ylang tree helps to complement the Kim destiny very well. The first effect of the orchid plant is to absorb solar radiation, infrared rays or electromagnetic waves from electronic devices in the house. Besides, trees also help to balance the air field, regulate and absorb other additional energy sources in the house to help homeowners have a harmonious and peaceful living space. Orchid can help people with Kim destiny avoid bad luck, mediate conflicts in the family. The person who grows this plant will have a peaceful and harmonious life as a wonderful combination of leaves and flowers. If you belong to the par Kim and want a fresh living space with lots of luck, prosperity, and everything you want, don’t ignore this bonsai. Golden betel nut tree It is a vines, with heart-shaped yellow-green leaves, mo-shaped flowers and short stalks. Plants live in both soil and aquatic environments. A tree that thrives even in the harshest of circumstances is a symbol of energy and strong will. Those destined for Kim who plant Golden Betel nut trees will have more luck and fortune, and at the same time, the rapid bushy growth of the tree represents the path of fortune to quickly proliferate. Owners destined to plant this tree will be energized and determined to assert themselves to develop and advance in work and life. The tree can also represent the authority of the owner. Princes prince It has a white stem, broad leaves with a smooth green color, and transparent veins. This is a plant that can live in low light conditions such as fluorescent lights, is drought tolerant, so it does not need to be watered too much, just once a week is enough. Bach Ma Prince Tree has the ability to help homeowners advance quickly at work, everything goes smoothly, very suitable for those destined for Kim who want to be high in work such as leaders, department heads. * Information for reference and contemplation.