Home Architecture Ingenious design, helping the 59m2 apartment to expand the space

Ingenious design, helping the 59m2 apartment to expand the space


An apartment with an area of ​​​​less than 60m2, but thanks to the harmonious layout, mixing between Japanese and Scandinavian styles, making the space seem to expand more.
With a design in Japandi style, the 59m2 apartment of Ms. Tong Ly and her husband (SN 1993 – Ho Chi Minh City) looks much larger. In particular, the living room can accommodate many people on each occasion of gathering and dining.

Ms. Ly shared, her 2-bedroom apartment belongs to a high-class project in Ho Chi Minh City, has a surrounding landscape, and the price is also financially suitable. This is also a corner unit, with a clear view. The kitchen and living room are connected, making the space look spacious. The project will be completed in April 2021 with a total cost of about VND 250 million. Due to the limited total area of ​​the apartment, the couple used the Japandi style – a combination of traditional Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Japanese style brings simplicity in interior design, helping to optimize living space, “mixing” Scandinavian characteristics and personality. Japandi apartment has a warm earthy orange color. The grout between the tiles is orange, the color “ton-sur-ton” with the overall apartment. The kitchen cabinet system is streamlined with a series of shelves to reduce the heaviness and also help homeowners display many decor items. The kitchen wall is covered with large-format chopstick-shaped mosaic tiles. From the entrance, the kitchen and living room are designed to be open, creating a seamless and spacious feeling for the space. Initially, the apartment had 2 bedrooms, but colleagues often come to Ms. Ly’s house to work in groups, so she designed 1 bedroom into an office. The main color of the apartment is earthy orange mixed with white, bringing a bright and cozy look. Ms. Ly is an Interior Designer and co-founder of a furniture company. This apartment was designed by the husband and wife themselves. Small round dining table, arranged with an extra “chill” shelf next to the window. False fireplace shows a bit of Nordic style. The decorative shelf is very unique in the shape of a water pipe. The walls are painted with an earthy orange effect and are also earthy. The paint area is only 12m2, but it costs 23kg of effect paint. Before doing it, the paint team had to send Ms. Ly to test the sample 5 times to get the right paint color. The bedroom is equipped with a wardrobe that touches the ceiling combined with convenient shelves, optimizing the living area and storing clothes. The extra bedroom is converted into an office. Ms. Ly added that as an interior designer, when designing her own house, she finds it more difficult than working for guests. Because she herself knows many styles, she must carefully consider her taste, not to let the apartment be confused by many different ideas. “Before you repair your house, you need to clearly define your preferences. Then talk to the architect,” emphasized Tong Ly. Some details have Scandinavian colors. Besides, hiring an architect to design is a good and necessary solution. According to her analysis, this cost will not cost too much compared to the homeowner buying things to arrange but not suitable, not aesthetic … immediately leave, replace. Thus, the cost will be more expensive and time consuming.