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Taking a student 12 years younger, Khanh Thi promoted a formidable style


From a person who owns a faint fashion sense, Khanh Thi Hau loses weight and tries to take care of the appearance of ‘levelling’ the age gap.

Khanh Thi is the cult “Queen of dancesport” of Vietnam, famous not only for her ability to dance gracefully but also for her dreamlike love story with her 12-year-old younger husband who was once her student. With Khanh Thi, even though she is one year older than her husband, the mother of two always focuses on taking care of her youthful and formidable appearance. In particular, since losing weight in terms of shape, Phan Hien’s wife has become more “reverse aging” thanks to her modern, eye-catching and bright dress. Although not a “brand woman lover”, but Khanh Thi also owns a lot of “expensive” items to complete the style more luxuriously. For example, when wearing a white dress, just pressing it with a bright red LV Wave bag is enough to shine brightly. Although only wearing a pearl-encrusted D&G belt when wearing a simple blouse and jeans, choosing stylish and trendy accessories is also one of the “great tricks” to help a mother of two “cheat” her age. admirable work. Following the personal page of “Queen of dancesport” recently, everyone can see that she loves dresses with sweet floral motifs. And to raise the style to be more fashionable, the 8X beauty also “carries” brand names on each outfit. Side by side with her husband, while Phan Hien only wears a very basic black and white outfit, wife U40 attracts all eyes with a bright pink and blue dress. The tropical motifs of the outfit not only help Khanh Thi affirm her style, catch up with seasonal trends, but also help her “cheat” her respectable age. In addition to the short skirt shape, the long and wide maxi dresses do not have the effect of highlighting the sexy curves, but are still strong enough to help the mother of two look brilliant and “age hack”. That is thanks to the choice of large floral motifs but with bright colors. Whether at home or while traveling, the patterned outfits always follow Khanh Thi, helping her complete her energetic look. For a mother of 2 children, wearing a dress with a wide body but with accents such as chest slit, shoulder … will make the look more sexy and elegant. Sometimes, Phan Hien’s wife also transforms herself with heat-patterned dresses that are both eye-catching and attractive when traveling. Thanks to the “expensive” bare back detail, just looking from the back, Khanh Thi’s sexy and beautiful beauty makes everyone have to look at them without taking their eyes off. Usually, when wearing a dense and colorful floral dress, Khanh Thi always cleverly chooses to design her outfit in a minimalist direction. This not only helps to reduce the cumbersomeness that easily causes cheesy but also helps the mother’s body curve to stand out more. In addition, another way for the beauty born in 1982 to “balance” the momentum and cake of the flower costumes is to requisition brand names. This is a way to help distract the eyes, avoid making the opposite person “dizzy” because of your dress, but still help her increase the elegance and fashion. When wearing a brilliant blue dress with striking baby flowers, Khanh Thi did not choose to mix & match with dazzling accessories, but only used a combo of slippers and sedge hats with basic black and white colors. The combo of hats and sandals from Dior fashion house with “expensive” price not only fulfills the task of helping Khanh Thi affirm the luxury but also reduces the cumbersome and heavy feeling of the outfit.