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In another month, Qinghai will be in color


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Suddenly, I want to go to Qinghai

I heard there is a hidden Grand summer

Qinghai Lake The silence will beone sliceGolden lightembrace,

The sunrise is gorgeous and the sunset is stunning;

Qilian Mountains The continuous will be covered by one layerMeadowcover,


Flower after flower Baiyun , Blooming inplateauAbove,

White as snow, alive and kicking;

salt lake Was filled with water,

Emerald green, mint blue, red orange, red and purple

Scattered and shining;

temple SuddenlyBrightGot up,

It collides and blends with the blue sky, white clouds, and colorful prayer flags;

No man’s land Still wild, still alluring,

BoundlessTaupe, The breath of ancient times hits his face.

This is Qinghai in summer ,

Like being overturned by GodPalette

every kind color , All transferred to Maximum saturation

Every Checkered , Both barren Grow out of it Strong

The blue of Qinghai Lake,The yellow of the rape blossom sea, the green of the Qilian Mountains,

The whiteness of clouds,The red of Taer Monastery, the color of the salt lake, the brown of no man’s land…

They wantonlycollisionIntersectshineWith,

Every second,Surprise,

Every kilometer isPraised grand

Chapter 1

In summer, I want to go to Qinghai…

Qinghai’s summer seems to be forever15 degrees

The sun is warm, likespring

The air is pure, likefall

Qinghai of summer,Endless change

GracefulversusMagnificentCollide here

barrenversusDazzlingCoexist here

Qinghai of summer, Worthy of all Beautiful adjective

Endless, unparalleled

The momentum is huge and continuous…

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When you are tired in the citymonotonousColors,

Can you find it in Qinghai in summerrichWith surprise

When the color of the week is divided by reinforced concreteFinely,

You can find the original in Qinghai in summerGrand and shocking

When the colors of the past were disturbed by the busy trafficturbid

You can regain the original in Qinghai in summerPure and true

Maybe you have forgotten that when your eyes capture color,


It’s better to go to Qinghai,Feast onA feast of vivid colorsRight!

In the beautiful summer of Qinghai, Do a game Colored dreams

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Chapter 2

Rape yellow

I have never seen anything like thisyellow,

Like summer in QinghaiRape blossomsgeneral

A large pieceDazzling golden,

Surging wantonBroad and blueof Qinghai Lake side,

versusSky, mountains, lakesConnect into one piece

At the junctionHutian First Line,

Vaguely surgingBling

The cattle and sheep are in groups, leisurely and contentedly;

Lakes and streams, gurgling;

Circulates the most primitive poetry,

Surging with the most vigorous vitality.

Chapter 3

Grassland green

I have never seen anything like thisgreen,

Like summerQilian Grasslandgeneral.

Looking around,

Full of eyesgreen, The mighty

Cattle and sheepIn groups, embellishment

Alpine meadow, Following the rolling hills

Deduced colorversuslineofExtreme collision

You have been Turn mountain ,

The mountain road is winding,You sleep in the car and wake up.

Travel thousands of miles a day,allBoundless green,

in this waystrong,in this wayPure,

Like it canwashingallTroublesomeMood.

Ultimate purity,

There is always someoneAs a new studentthe power of

yousuddenlybrightGot up,

From the eyes to the bottom of my heart.

In an instant, you just understood grassland .

Chapter 4

Clouds white

I have never seen such a white,

Like the clouds in Qinghai summer

You can’t wait to walk towards grassland ,

Flower after flower White as snow The cloud,

Lowland Hung on the horizon, covered Strong green

Riding on the plateau Cool wind of ,

They are on top of your head Move slowly ,

In a daze, it seems to be Bashing .

Mountains Ups and downs in the distance, Baiyun Curl through

Cattle and sheep Group, stream Clear, Rape blossoms Bright…

Yunjuanyunshu, your thoughts seem to have slowed down, drifting into the distance

“The wind far away is farther away than far away,The sound of my piano is sobbing, and there are no tears,I return this far away to the grassland.”

Chapter 5

Lake blue

I have never seen anything like this blue ,

Like summer Qinghai Lake general

Qinghai Lake,

Walk eight hundred miles with the wind

Eight hundred li Dark blue

Lake Heart ,

Like many blue onesAccumulate

Mind-blowingImmersedAmong them, it took a long time to recover.

At the junction of water and sky, gradually changing

At the end, it seems to beCastle in the Sky.

“Chinese National Geography” Once described Qinghai Lake like this:

“Many lakes are loved by people for their beauty and beauty.

Qinghai Lake alone,Stretch magnificence into a kind of plain, and change Xiuqi into a kind of majesty”

At this Broad and pure of blue in,

You can always find a calm .

A little closer to the pure sky,Farther away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

You suddenly thought Haizi The poem:

“Let’s go, towards this blue sea.

In the depths of the sea, the stars are shining, just like the sky”

Chapter 6

Temple red

I have never seen anything like thisred,

Like summer in QinghaiTa’er Templegeneral

Sunlight Allure

That touchThick red,

ShiningWhite Tower,ColorfulPrayer flags

MoreVivid and vivid


The silence speaks

Chapter 7


I have never seen anything like thiscolor,

Like summer in Qinghaisalt lakeversusYadangeneral

You must go and see,

On this planet,Not seen elsewhere uncanny workmanship

God,Seems extra eccentric

Treasure allMagnificent,

Have been sprinkled into this ultimateIn desolation and solitude

Sealed for thousands of years,Just for you

National Highway 315

When you drive here,

Extreme lonely , Infiltrate every inch of land

Endless barren

Barren likeAncient timesera

Barren likeThe heart of no refuge

Drive in”Mars OneHighway”

Rough surface,nearcruel

Wind in the earwhimper, As the end of the world

jumpIn the eyesYadan group

As if suddenly emerging on the seaWhale back

Vaguely reveals a mysterious and hugevitality

“What is life,Life is not knowing what to do all the time”

You suddenly understand,Also suddenly relieved

“Mirror of the Sky”-Chaka Salt Lake

Bathed in sunlight,

You stepped gentlyPure whitePureThe surface of the lake

The cloud is in the sky, the cloud is also in the water

The water is in the lake, and the water is in the sky

Can’t tell where is water and where is sky

Far away,

A railroad trackReaching to the heart of the lake

SittingSea train, Into a pure fairy tale

Waiting for the tea cardofStarry sky,

Seems to beMilky Wayroaming

Pluck a star into a dream

Freeze thisA summer night that will never be remembered

“China’s Maldives”-Lake Kinel, Dongtai

When you go deep Qaidam Hinterland,

The eyes seem to have adaptedbarren,

Unprepared, a clear touchMint Green, Burst into your eyes

White grains, Flashing dazzlingly.

As thin as a pearl, as cotton as white snow

Xitaijinel Lake

You are drivingNational highway G315On, across the lake

One side isDark blueSuch as indigo, one side isEmerald greenClear

And you, it’s vast Dividing line

here has Unique in the world Yadan on the water

Like a shipRed-brown warship, Stand proudly

No amount of description, less than one-tenth of what you see

Dachaidan Emerald Lake

FromThe first time you saw it,I feelSo cool

IntriguingofPure,Hit the soul

Like a drop Tears ,Quietly dripping and blooming

Like a piece again Jade ,To fall apart

Large and small lakes

Blue, green, yellow…

Crystal clear, changing luster

Chapter 8

In another month, Qinghai will be in color

Qinghai has always had endless extreme landscapes,

When summer arrives, bathed in the rich and colorful,

The extraordinary craftsmanship of natural creation is even moreExtreme, stunning

All the beautiful colors,

All the ultimate experience

You can be here 8 lines Found in

Every color is a songpoetry

Every color is a sectionmemory

Every color can awaken the bottom of my heartLong-lostEmotions

Every color can bring you the mostoriginalMoved

In another month, to Color Qinghai lets go!

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