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In the original Baihao Silver Needle, White Peony, and Shoumei, why did village girl Chen persuade everyone to buy less Peho Silver Needle?


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Eat barbecue with the customer service girl.

As usual, I took a pack of first-class white peonies, went to the barbecue restaurant, asked the store for a large glass pot of boiling water, poured the peonies into it, and drank it to understand that it was greasy and relieved of anger.

She said that she wanted to get the silver needle, but the tea was gone.

The silver needle tea is gone?

Yes, the silver needles have sold so well this year.

“Why do so many people fall in love with Yinzhen all of a sudden?” Village girl Chen remembered the scene of people shaking their heads when they heard of Baihao Yinzhen three or four years ago. What happened in this?

The customer service girl ate the grilled fish and explained that the customers I met were all because they were not short of money. As soon as they heard that Baihao Silver Needle was the most expensive in white tea, they desperately bought it.

Village girl Chen Nao made up this picture, it was indeed a bit beautiful.

Buying tea only picks the expensive ones, this is the waywardness of the rich.

But buying Baihao silver needles blindly like this is obviously inappropriate.


The price of Baihao Silver Needle this year is extremely expensive.

So in fact, the tea shopkeepers didn’t have many silver needles in their hands-who has so much real money in the goods?

They are still in the tea factory.

Especially in the context of the reduction in white peony production this year and the increase in silver needle production, tea factories of all sizes have placed a large number of white peony silver needles in their hands.

Do not believe? You can go to the tea area for a walk. See if the tea factory owners sell Baihao Silver Needles as soon as they come up? Or although it is not ranked first, but after drinking a few teas, the main recommendation is still silver needles.

Moreover, the main focus is still the “function card.”

At the moment of the epidemic, it looks like an effect card, which is the best card to play, and it is unsatisfactory.

As if to mention the effect, everyone flocked to it, no matter what, they bought it with their eyes closed.

But in fact, the owner of the tea factory pushes the silver needles most of the time to solve the financial pressure-the tea green money has been paid to the tea farmers, and the tea shopkeepers think that the silver needles are expensive and refuse to purchase more, so many silver needles finished tea piles. In the warehouse, how will the survival of this factory be maintained before it becomes realised a day?

As a result, the individual tourists who went to Chashan to find tea this year became the first eye-catching leeks.

Tea friends who went to Chashan to find tea, did you hear the sound of sharpening your knives while you were sitting in the lobby drinking tea?


Actually, I really don’t recommend everyone Blindly Purchase Bai Hao Silver Needle.

Some tea friends said that silver needles are small in quantity and scarce, and there is a high room for appreciation in the future.

Is it really?

No one knows that the future has not yet come. However, the output of silver needles is no longer low, which is an established fact.

For this year’s silver needles, tea farmers have severely affected the output of Peony King in order to pick them. It is conceivable that the price of the green tea of ​​silver needles in the next two, three, and four years will continue to rise as fast as this year. Then, in the future, the output of Peony King will continue to be affected.

Even, not only the output of Peony King, but also the output of first-class white peony will be affected.

So, at the time point of the “future” mentioned by tea friends, will the output of Baihao Silver Needle be “less”? of course not.

At that time, with the promotion of the lovely tea farmers who only love silver needles, the output of silver needles on the market must be higher than that of Peony King.

At that time, Peony King will be a scarce resource.

Even the first-class white peony will become a hot commodity because of the reduced output of the silver needles.

But now, the Baihao Silver Needle, which is estimated to be “low-yield”, will no longer be scarce because of the surge in output.

Then, can its appreciation space still occupy the high position of all white teas as people currently imagine?

Not anymore.


In addition, regarding the increase in the price of silver needles and the fact that the price of old silver needles will show a huge rate of return in the future, village girl Chen also held a wait-and-see attitude.

There are rumors that the price of silver needle tea greens soared this year, reaching the highest point in a decade, because of market misunderstandings.

According to people familiar with the matter, at the end of last year, big capital entered the white tea industry.

These capitals are newly entered. In the years before they entered, high-quality white tea, real old white tea, good tea-producing areas, and good tea mountain resources have been listed by those who entered the white tea industry in the early years.

For example, the top ten municipal-level leading enterprises in Fuding, and those in the industry who were optimistic about white tea earlier, such as the village girl Chen, carve up the white tea of ​​the early years-when they were still new white tea, of course, they have now become genuine products at a fair price. Old white tea-the early bird catches the worm.

In the Haocha Mountain in Fuding, there is a leading enterprise in each mountain that has “occupied the mountain as the king” and has included all the good tea resources in one hand.

People in the industry, such as village girl Chen, did not have the strength to wave a big hand, pointing to a certain mountain top and saying, “This mountain is contracted by me”, but they also planted a few ecological tea gardens and signed a few fixed tea greens. Supply households. (Actually, I am an authentic village girl. “The peasant woman has a little field in the spring” is my ideal)

Although the capital that has only entered now, although strong and wealthy, it has missed the opportunity-at least the root of Zhengmiaohong’s old white tea is not available for first-hand supply-second-hand supply and third-hand supply, even if it can be obtained, it may not necessarily Fidelity; even if it is fidelity, the price is not low.

Therefore, the capitals, with pride and arrogance, began to collect new white tea.

At the end of last year, the silver needles on the market in Fuding were purchased on a large scale. And, the price is surprisingly high.

This good news spread like wildfire. Tea farmers all know this “myth” about the sale of silver needles-the price of Baihao Silver Needle is rising sharply, and the big boss is buying Baihao Silver Needle!

The news soon spread all over the streets and alleys, behind the tea garden house.

Tea farmers are very excited, and silver needles are so easy to sell. So I made the ambition: next year, we will all pick more silver needles!

What the simple and simple tea farmers don’t know is, what if the capital does not come to buy Silver Needle this year? What if this year, capital suspects that the price of silver needles has risen too high and suppresses silver needles?

Isn’t it dangerous to pin the hopes of the whole family in the same basket?

How terrible is it to regard the temporary rise of a certain capital as a normal state that will continue over the years?


Jia Baoyu stared at Xie Baochai’s snow-white arm in a daze. It wasn’t that she hated Daiyu and wanted to marry her, it was just accidental hormones.

If Baochai believes that Baoyu is in love with her and is willing to conclude the Qin and Jin Dynasties with her forever, then she is really stupid.

And Second Sister You was so stupid, so stupid that she would believe Jia Lian’s words of a prodigal son, and thus took the lives of herself and the child in her belly.

Both history and novels tell us that a momentary fever does not last long.

And countless business cases also tell us that a business opportunity that happens accidentally does not necessarily become the norm.

Contrary to the practice of other industries, in the initial stage of capital entry, subsidies, price cuts, and price wars are used to win customers. When the competitor is beaten back, beaten down, and only his own family is left, the market becomes his family.

At that time, the subsidy will be gone, the price advantage will be gone, and the price will even increase in disguise-isn’t the food ordering software we use now a bloody case?

With so many lessons learned from the past, when looking at the price increase of Baihao Silver Needle, the ranking judges should be more rational.

Wait and see more, don’t be so impulsive, don’t be so easily deceived.

After three to five years, this capital has come year after year, and the state of collecting tea at a high price has been maintained year after year. That just shows that Iraq really loves white tea, is really optimistic about the white tea industry, and really wants to support white tea.

At that time, everyone will go deep into the white tea with it, buy a large amount of silver needles, and look forward to the price increase, which is the right way.

But now, obviously not in time.


The reason for buying silver needles in large quantities can be that you like to drink it; it can be that you want to save some old tea to drink for a few years; it can be that you want to give it to friends to share, but don’t just try to increase its price.

This reason is too profitable and unreliable.

You don’t always get melons when you grow melons, you may also get beans.

The laws of nature are what you think, but it doesn’t come. And you don’t think about it anymore, it might come.

Regarding the silver needle, don’t let it be too heavy.

We only need to figure out its fragrance, its mellow soup feel, and its warmth like jade.

A wave of his sleeves will not take away a cloud.

This is the most up-to-date attitude towards the top white tea like Silver Needle.

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