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The grandfather named his granddaughter “Ai Xiao”, the staff made a typo, and the family was overjoyed: no change


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The advent of a new life is a very celebration for a family. A friend I know is about to give birth, and all the children in the family are very nervous. At the same time, they are happy that a new life is coming in the family. .

Because I have learned the sex of the baby in the belly, she is a girl, so many things that need to be used are already prepared, and it is almost time to name the baby.

After active and vigorous struggle, the matter of naming the granddaughter was given to the grandfather of the child. The grandfather was so happy that he closed his mouth from ear to ear, holding the Xinhua dictionary and ancient books to read good words and sentences every day.

I have come up with a lot of names for this, but after thinking about it, I don’t think it is very satisfactory. Looking at the hardship of the daughter-in-law after pregnancy and the busyness of the whole family, I said not to name the child “Ai Xiao”, I hope the child Being able to grow up to be a more grateful one. A child with filial piety, after all, “the filial piety of a hundred good people is first”

This idea was also approved by the whole family, so after the birth of the child, when the child was registered, another accident occurred.

Originally, I was going to name the child “Ai Xiao”, but due to an accident of the staff, the word “filial piety” was changed to “laugh”.

Looking at the word “Ai Xiao” on the certificate, the old man did not get angry because of the staff’s negligence, but said cheerfully: “This name is better, Ai Xiao, loves to laugh, kid, happy. Isn’t health and well-being the best?”

So the staff was apologetic and ready to help make changes, but the family waved their hands and exclaimed: No change.

One: Those “pits” that need to be avoided when naming

Although the name “Ai Xiao” looks very simple, but with the relatively rare surname and catchy pronunciation, it is easy to leave a good impression and make people feel that this is a very lively and cheerful little girl. .

So choosing a name is a very interesting thing. You can regard him as very important, but you don’t have to pay too much attention to it. Some parents just stepped on the pit in naming, which caused a lot of trouble to their children:

1. Avoid ambiguous homophony

In addition to the derogatory meanings of all the words themselves, I think the most noticeable names in life are those with discriminatory homophonic sounds.

I saw such a share on the Internet before. The blogger said that he is most afraid of others calling his name in public because his name is Zidan, which is already the same as the “bullet” in itself, and what has accelerated it is that His surname is “Yuan”, so his full name is “Yuan Zi Dan”, which is also the homophone of the “atom bomb” as everyone knows it.

The blogger also said that because of the name problem, he often suffered from people around him when he was a child. Although no one will ridicule the name after working later, people who know their name will usually be surprised. Can’t help but smile.The accounting exam preparation is just coming to learn.net

It’s really uncommon to see this kind of situation, with names like “Du Ziteng” and “Xiong Chumo”. If a child’s name resembles this, it is easy to become the object of others’ ridicule.

2. Avoid uncommon words

Some parents want to make their children’s names look special and original, so they will choose particularly unusual words when choosing names for their children.

This situation is really uncommon. There was a news before that a child, because the name strokes were too complicated, did not write his name for half an hour when taking the exam, and finally cried.

And the rare words in the name may indeed make people look very unusual, but it is because some are too rare, and there may be few people you know. This is really not easy to remember, and it affects a person’s eyes. Social activities.

3. Don’t be too casual

Some parents attach great importance to naming their children, so they give their children a very special name after careful consideration, which has placed the parents’ expectations on them.

But now many young parents have a problem with naming their children, that is, behave too casually.

In addition to following the trend of naming their children “Zi Han”, which has a very high repetition rate, there are actually parents with the surname “King” who named their children “King of Glory.”

To be honest, it may seem that children will become the focus of everyone now, which personally feels very interesting, but if the number of times being discussed and paid attention to, the child will also have an introverted inferiority complex.

Therefore, there are still a lot of particularities in naming, and parents should take care to avoid causing trouble to their children.

Two: How can I choose a good name for my child?

The name is just like a person’s business card. It will follow a person’s life without accident. So most parents still pay more attention to the matter of choosing a name. So how to give a child a nice and unique name?

Parents can go and read our country’s classical books. After all, our country’s poetry culture is very colorful. There are both Tang poetry and Song poetry. Among them, there are countless beautiful words.

In addition, didn’t my country pay more attention to the birth date character in the past. Although this era is constantly changing, this tradition is still worth passing on. When naming a child, you can also use the birth date character to see what the child’s five elements lack. You can “make up” it when you name it.

In short, the naming is mainly based on the expectations of the parents. There is no need for the old sayings to be cumbersome and complicated, and do not get “too big”. As long as the child is healthy and happy, and the child can perceive the blessing of the parents, that is the best.

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