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It can only be Rosé: Turning the secret to hiding bow legs into a trendy style


Choosing clever clothes to hide body weaknesses is known by many people. But turning her weakness into an impressive and commendable style, Rosé is really too good.

Before, every time Rosé wore pants skinny or short skirts all reveal slightly bow legs. Rosé’s legs are very long and small, but not straight. Rosé has been very active in finding ways to improve this shortcoming. Besides practicing pilates Working hard to straighten her legs, Rosé even found it style Hides bent legs very well: Go boots knee high. Couples boots The turtleneck has been associated with Rosé’s image, with her appearing on stage, taking photos of magazines or at events. Netizens I’m used to seeing Rosé stylishly with shorts or mini skirts boots knee high. Many female idols used to become heavy when walking boots turtlenecks like this, but Rosé suits her very well. It’s because she has long and slim legs and good proportions so she should go boots The low sole is still flattering. Collection boots Rose’s is extremely rich. Beside the couples boots Rosé’s favorite black color is still available boots white, boots trendy glitter beads. Even Rosé isn’t afraid to dress up boots bright red when performing, making her legs attract all eyes. Everyone acknowledges boots contributed to the class to help Rosé shine brightly in a show Saint Laurent fashion. If you don’t go boots too high set Rosé’s clothes have completely decreased in style. When taking pictures of magazines, Rosé also likes boots Thigh height is very suitable for her personality and chic style. Indeed when Rosé went boots when she was tall, no one noticed that she had bow legs anymore, and gradually netizen I also forgot about that weakness of Rosé and only complimented her on it style very top. Rosé herself, thanks to practice, has also transformed extremely skillfully, turning her legs from curved to straight, so now Rosé can confidently wear short clothes without a pair. boots support. But the audience is used to seeing Rosé boots stylish, so Rosé still sticks with it i style its characteristic.