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Joining the race on TikTok, Lan Ngoc makes viewers “wash their eyes” with a series of quality outfits


With just 15 seconds, the “pearl girl” took viewers from one drama to another with many super-beautiful and super-quality outfits, completely different from her usual ‘muse’ style.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is a name that, when mentioned, won a lot of love from everyone. She is also one of the top stars with a high number of followers in Vietnamese showbiz. The reason for this is that 9X beauties have worked hard and devoted themselves to the arts. Not only is she an actress and model, she also tries her hand at many other fields such as singing and dancing. Possessing a beautiful appearance and a standard body index, Lan Ngoc is also one of the well-dressed icons that many women over 30 pursue. She is the “muse” of many famous designers in the country. The fluttering dresses are always the core item and the brand of her “screen pearl”. Recently, Lan Ngoc has added to her style a little bit more. The outfits she wears have many sexy details but absolutely do not overwhelm the inherent gentle and lovely beauty. This white slit outfit with thin chiffon material showing off these amazing legs is a prime example. Saying that Lan Ngoc is beautiful is something everyone knows, but it must be recognized that she knows how to choose outfits to enhance her physical and beauty advantages. She cleverly interweaves the beoed details of the shoulder bridge to balance the sexy features of the bodycon dress. The 31-year-old beauty of Saigon now adds color and personality with many stylish, hip hop costumes. Recently, Lan Ngoc has contributed to dispelling the boredom of social distancing when giving fans a “transformation” clip with super fashion. On the vibrant music background of TikTok for just over 10 seconds, she gave viewers the opportunity to “wash their eyes” with a series of quality outfits. Even though she is over 30, Lan Ngoc still boldly suggests to the sister association many beauty tips to hack the age to add more eye-catching and personality. Lan Ngoc’s clip “catching the trend” TikTok of Lan Ngoc earned more than 86,000 hearts and thousands of non-stop complimenting comments. What to wear at home? Besides the silk pajama sets, there is one more suggestion for women is the lace set. However, note that the lace is embroidered with cotton to avoid itching and irritation to the skin. Choosing pastel pink for whiter skin and always looking beautiful in the mirror is the best way these days. When the distance is over, what should you wear to go “coffee cannon”? Either an off-the-shoulder top with shorts and turtleneck boots or slit-legged trousers and a camisole. The off-the-shoulder tops and bib straps are always in line with the summer trend and emphasize the slim features of the wearer. If you go with your loved one, how do you dress to always be a “baby”? Being over 30 doesn’t mean we can’t wear short skirts on our thighs and don’t forget to add some drama with lace tops. For a more fashionable look, please change your usual doll shoes and try with cowboy boots, a little wide tube will stand out and be more interesting. After the epidemic is over and you can travel, you should note that maxi dresses are always a “must have” item. Women can be flexible with open back maxi shapes, wide straps or armpits and pleated skirt body, the more floating the better. For those who love to show off their figure, don’t be afraid to choose a short and flexible dress with a cut out design at the waist. This gap is not too obvious, but it has the effect of creating a 3D effect for a smaller, more beautiful waist.