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Justin Bieber and the stars coordinate stylishly with Crocs sandals


Using more accessories and choosing similar outfits helps celebrities look more trendy when wearing Crocs sandals.

The Bustle commented that Crocs sandals used to be one of the controversial fashion trends. However, it is popular with celebrities. Justin Bieber often attracts attention when coordinating with these sandals. Photo: Getty. The 27-year-old singer’s sandals are attached with a series of funny accessories. Besides, he chose white socks with gold border motifs to harmoniously combine with outstanding sandals. Photo: Justin Bieber. Searches for pink Crocs increased by more than 4,900% within 24 hours of Nicki Minaj posting a photo with the pair, according to The Sole Supplier. This design is coordinated by the female rapper with Chanel’s sparkling accessories. Photo: Barbie. In September 2019, Ariana Grande posted a moment of mixing an oversized hoodie with white sandals. The 7 Rings vocalist combines socks of the same color to create a harmonious overall. Photo: Ariana Grande. Male rapper Bad Bunny mixes a ton-sur-ton outfit with Crocs sandals. For the white-tone outfit, the 27-year-old vocalist chose gold jewelry to increase her personality and highlight the image. Photo: The Bustle. Male singer Post Malone brings a strong, unique style to black sandals. Unlike the bright and lovely image of other stars, the 25-year-old vocalist mixes with her personality black-toned outfit. Photo: Highsnobiety. In 2007, Duchess Kate Middleton used to wear red Crocs sandals. The color of the sandals coincides with the outfit pattern to help create a harmonious overall. This is one of the rare moments when Princess Kate Middleton wears lovely accessories. Photo: Who What Wear, Socialite. What to keep in mind when wearing clothes in the summer? The choice of style and texture is the determining factor in the comfort and style of summer clothes.