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Karina (aespa) and Yuna (ITZY) stun with surreal beautiful bodies in unedited photos


The association of female idols with incredibly beautiful bodies has added two ‘Gen 4′ juniors, Karina (aespa) and Yuna (ITZY) to join. The two girls’ bodies shocked netizens all over because their waists were too slim and their legs were too long.
There aren’t many female K-Pop idols netizen recognized as having beautiful to surreal body proportions. Previously, Seolhyun (AOA), Lisa (BLACKPINK), Jang Won Young (IZ * ONE) were still praised for her super small waist and super long legs.

Recently, when Karina appeared on the way to work, she caused a stir because of her incredibly beautiful body. Center of the aespa group wore a crop-top shirt and short shorts, showing off their flat tiny waist and toned legs. Even if it’s an unedited photo, netizen All recognized Karina’s body as beautiful as the characters in the comics. It’s rare for any female K-Pop idol to have a body like this, not skinny but very toned and healthy. In the past, Karina was still praised for having a more beautiful face than a virtual character, extremely impressive lines and now the audience recognizes her body as even more impressive. The group ITZY is also comeback With a new song and every time she appears, the youngest Yuna attracts all eyes with her surreal small waist. Knowing her advantages, Yuna loves to wear crop-tops to show off her toned waist, revealing the number 11 abs. Yuna’s body proportions are also very beautiful with long slender legs, even without high heels, her legs are long. Although Yuna’s body is very slim, fortunately she is not skinny. Netizens I think Yuna is just as beautiful as she keeps her body like this.