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Living space that inspires creativity


Now, modern young people with high aesthetic taste are creating a new trend of a space that truly inspires life.
About 5-10 years ago, the idea of ​​​​owning a space called “your home” was often considered the work of parents. But now, modern young people with high aesthetic taste are creating a new trend of a space that literally “inspires” life.

In recent times, young people with financial success, besides spending more time for themselves to enjoy traveling, shopping or eating luxury. Many young people also reward themselves for their achievements with an authentic destination to show their self-worth. For them, personal space is no longer a story of a bed, a closet or simply a place to sleep and eat. But for this generation, “living space” is the place to help them find energy after a long day of hard work, a place to promote creativity and inspiration for their career, a small corner to live. the most fulfilling, enjoyable and memorable life with loved ones. Generous space nurtures creativity Space of creativity As a person working in the advertising industry, Dinh An has the personality of a creative person. For An, the apartment is not only a place to live, but a private world to balance life and nurture endless creative emotions. The main idea is the subtle minimalism of contemporary style and the breaking of space limitations, bringing a luxurious living experience with bold personality of young people. The apartment is arranged with a seamless space without partitions, combining floor tiles simulating wood, white tiles with accents of raw brick walls, creating a feeling of comfort and generosity. A large window frame replaces the wall connecting the inside and outside space, where every morning An enjoys a cup of coffee watching the pace of life begin. Maybe just that is enough energy for a new day. Peaceful silence in the window Luxurious space in relaxation Born in the highlands, Tue Duyen is used to the house space where there is always sunshine and the scent of flowers and grass every morning. The interior of the house is made of wood, the floor and the walls are pale with the colors of time… When building her own house, Duyen brought those familiar memories into the design idea, covering every little corner of the spirit. Simple and filled with commemorative pieces of furniture. The house is simply designed in the form of small highland villas using white tones as the main theme. The functional spaces maximize open space to get natural light and minimize details to create visual accents connecting with the outside. Although the details are simplified, the architect has cleverly applied the surfaces of natural materials with warm tones such as stone, wood, … and basic shapes to create a distinctive aesthetic of the house. home. Dotted in that space are paintings depicting peaceful life or decorative items that remind of childhood memories. Quiet little corner connecting the soul Beautiful space from “just and enough” Young girl Soty Quynh is a lover of beauty from the “moderate and sufficient” of each element in use. Use white as the main color for the wall and ceiling surfaces to blend with the light brown wood grain tile background, combine the furniture with the same materials and accents in pastel blue and pastel pink to create a minimalist aesthetic. but still stands out elegantly. Despite the modest area, Soty Quynh’s apartment is still full of functional areas in the house such as living room, kitchen and dining area, home office corner, bedroom… The highlight of the apartment is the small corner. dedicated to meditation, a combination of wood-grained brick floors and natural sunlight through sliding windows – where Soty Quynh finds a peaceful place in the middle of the city. Loving beauty and respecting freedom in lifestyle, Eurotile ceramic tile brand has created life-inspired collections (BSTs) aimed at homeowners with high aesthetic taste and high requirements for quality. . Eurotile wishes to become a leading brand in brick design trends, bringing a peaceful, sophisticated and close to nature lifestyle. From the naturalness in colors, the sharpness in the textures, the authenticity in the surface and the reminiscent of deep stories, all of these elements combine to create their own elegance, sophistication and class. for “unique me” spaces in each person’s own home.