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Fascinated with the angle of the 2K4 girl in the lotus-shaped photo set


Simply inspired by the lotus pond in her homeland, Khanh Linh has created a set of photos for a lifetime.
Appearing in a new series of photos with her pure beauty and graceful lines next to the lotus dress, Khanh Linh – 2K4 student constantly receives many compliments from fans.

A set of captivating photos in a flowing white peach ao dai and a pose that shows off her soft body, Khanh Linh makes viewers unable to take their eyes off her because of her clear beauty and attractive figure. Not only that, but she also makes many people jealous because of the impeccable angle. Nguyen Khanh Linh was born on August 3, 2004. The senior female student is currently studying at Quang Oai High School, Ba Vi – Hanoi. With the advantage of appearance and interest in photography, Khanh Linh is currently a photo model for brands. In addition, she is also running her own business and mainly sells to friends her age. Khanh Linh impresses with smooth white skin, a high nose, plump pink lips and a “super standard” body. It is not surprising that the style of photography that she is aiming for is gentle, “banh beo” because her friend has a lovely face, with a gentle and lovely style of dress, in addition to that, annoying long hair. Khanh Linh also shared that in the future, she will try to follow a sexy concept, change her image and style to make herself more and more colorful and new. People care and support Khanh Linh shared: “ I feel very happy to receive everyone’s love. That is the motivation for me to confidently pursue my passion and improve myself more and more “. Not only interested in her beautiful appearance, Khanh Linh is also loved by everyone around her for her sociability and approachability. About to be a final year student in high school, the female student also has plans for the future, she hopes that she will pass into Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. I hope Khanh Linh will prepare a solid luggage to enter the upcoming new threshold and be successful with the path she chooses.