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Luong Thuy Linh has a strong personality, Ky Duyen has a rebellious personality


Luong Thuy Linh flaunted her figure with a body-hugging outfit, Ky Duyen rebelled with a rough cloth outfit and dusty textures.

Luong Thuy Linh wears a smokey gray outfit combining a deep vest and tapered pants that quickly attracts the eye. Short vest design in the direction of croptop is both youthful and helps her to flatter her slim waist. Capri pants combined with contrasting white pointed toe shoes complete for an elegant overall. Ky Duyen tries herself with a rebellious style when combining “the whole tree” of costumes and accessories from the Christian Dior brand. The uniform pocket jacket and loose pants, the khaki indigo hood exude a bold dusty spirit. The queen multiplies this shade and breathes more contemporary into the overall look with leopard print sunglasses, shirts, bags and shoes. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc with a trendy image in a suit from the brand Louis Vuitton. The smooth, glossy leather skirt, which carries the spirit of arrogance and elegance, is combined to balance the multi-details from the puff-sleeve shirt. The actress chooses youthful rough sole sandals, both harmoniously and respecting her long smooth legs. The outfits with high prom spirit are always enhanced by Ly Nha Ky by her charismatic charisma and meticulousness in makeup and hairdo. The nude see-through chiffon design is meticulously beaded and pleated to show off sexy body gaps without flaunting skin. The beauty wore her hair in a bun and prominent pink makeup. Diem My is elegant in a mint green outfit. Youthful blazer design is combined with culottes with bold breath of summer fashion. Khanh Linh is charming in a coral orange outfit that combines a short vest and pants. The female model cleverly chose high beige boots and blue handbag as accessories for the already too brilliant design. Khanh Linh bun brings the spirit of luxury but still young and elegant. Phi Linh stands out on stage in the design of a blue feather dress. The outfit attracts the viewer and quickly creates visual effects with a series of feather details attached with a fluttering silk flap. The design accentuates sexy slim shoulders and long legs when combined with silver over-the-knee boots. Quynh Anh Shyn breaks the way in the design of a black shirt dress with outstanding motifs. The blue handbag from the Louis Vuitton brand is the dotted accessory. At the same time, the hair dyed pink creates a youthful and trendy shade when the black color of the outfit is inherently old and noble. MLee flatters hot body in hug design. The female singer tied her hair in a ponytail, combined with knee-high boots to bring a strong and rebellious spirit. The see-through chiffon shirt mixed between orange and blue highlights her haughty, sexy collarbones.