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Mai Davika’s style


Thai beauties have a typical makeup style, which rarely changes, but pursues a variety of fashion styles, from sexy femininity to dynamic and personality.

After her role in Ma’am, Mai Davika was named “Thailand’s most beautiful female ghost”. Her beauty has repeatedly become a topic of interest on Asian social networks. The 29-year-old beauty always appears with her signature makeup, including a thin layer of foundation, thick and meticulously groomed eyebrows, dark pink cheeks, little use of eyeshadow (or very light colors, creating a feeling of natural feel) and pink and orange lipstick. This is also the most popular makeup style with Thai women. In addition, Mai Davika is also loyal to her long black hair, which is not dyed and rarely styled sophisticatedly. The actress has a diverse and transformative fashion style, but rarely changes her hairstyle and makeup. Mai Davika is often praised as one of the most stylish beauties, with a beautiful and diverse fashion sense. One of her favorite items is a crop-top, or a shirt that can show off a slim waist like an open belly top, a tube top modified from a silk scarf… The Lover’s Love star once shared that she preferred comfortable, easy-to-move, and run-of-the-mill outfits. Therefore, in everyday life, Mai Davika often chooses jeans, from short pants to long pants, from skinny jeans to wide leg pants. The beauty with two Thai-Belgian bloodlines is 1.75 m tall, 55 cm ant waist. The physical advantage helps Mai Davika confidently wear “difficult to weigh” clothes such as super short two-piece tops, tight bodysuits. She once received many compliments when wearing a white bodysuit sewn in the style of a racing athlete’s competition outfit, showing off her slim waist, high neck, and slender shoulders. On his personal page, the above photo has reached 460,000 likes. One of Mai Davika’s favorite and most frequently worn items is Jennie’s shirt (BlackPink) – a wool/knitted crop-top style that only ties the string, or buttoned at the chest, revealing the belly. . Mai Davika also proves her aesthetic taste through novel outfits. For example, the actress mixed a pastel pink silk dress with a lace puff sleeve shirt, creating a luxurious and feminine look. She used to wear both Gucci “tree” in duck-neck blue, combined with raw lotus-pink sandals. The above combination does not make the outfit look cheesy or rustic, on the contrary, it is also innovative and stylish. Keeping up with the trend of young girls, Mai Davika also loves shoulder bags – a fashion style that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. The short bag has a visual effect on the proportions. body proportions, helping users look taller than hip-length bags. In addition to the crop-top, two other items that are also popular with Mai Davika are biker-shorts and floral skirts. On her personal page, the actress born in 1992 posted many photos wearing biker-shorts – thigh-length pants, tight elastic material. When wearing floral skirts, Mai Davika often combines a Jennie-style shirt, or a short cardigan to the waist. Not only wearing designs in a feminine and youthful style, Mai Davika also many times mixes outfits with her personality, with super-small sports-bras, pants that reveal her pelvis, wide-brimmed hats, and leather boots. .. When walking in the suburbs of Bangkok, Chiangmai, beautiful people often wear sports felt. With an outstanding height of 1.75 m, Mai Davika often wears sports shoes, rarely using high heels.