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Many input methods such as Sogou have been removed from the shelves, who should I choose for input method privacy protection?


In daily work and life, the most inseparable thing is the use of mobile devices, so in the process of using it, you cannot do without searching to find some content. At this time, you need to use the input method. A smart and interesting input method can also be regarded as Can enhance the user experience. I personally feel that an interesting input method experience is still necessary.

For a long time, Sogou Input Method and Xunfei Input Method have been loved and used by the majority of users as the two mainstream input methods. Now let’s talk about the most common Sogou input method. I feel that when I started to touch mobile phones and computers, I used the input method that comes with the device to call it awkward. It is really not smooth at all and it is too concise. Therefore, using Sogou input method has become a habit of many people. After all, Sogou can set the skin on its own and switch it at will, and the font can also be adjusted. The key point is that some backgrounds can also be set to dynamic, which will feel vivid when used.

However, recently several major input methods, including Sogou, have been removed from the app stores of Apple, Huawei and other manufacturers. The reason can be imagined. Although Sogou has a good experience in entertainment, it is undeniable that we are using it. In the process, for example, an item or key thing mentioned in WeChat chat will often appear. When you switch to the shopping platform to protect the interface of other websites, these records will automatically be clickable. This is actually a privacy leak. Through the search engine Obtain, and then push to the user.

WeChat has also proposed to launch a specially customized input method that comes with WeChat, in response to the privacy leakage issues raised by many users, but it is only planned that it has not launched an adapted input method.

There are also other manufacturers that provide some privacy protection in terms of functionality in response to this situation. For example, Xiaomi MIUI12 launches the clipboard privacy protection function. If the user copies a piece of text and then jumps to another application interface, the other application interface detects that this piece of content wants to be accessed and read, and the user’s consent must be obtained. Otherwise, there is no permission, which on the one hand white tigers the user’s privacy and security.

However, it is true that the current mainstream input methods should standardize privacy protection functions, rather than deduct points in user experience.