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Zhaosu Zhaosu, you have never seen Zhaosu before!


Xinjiang in my impression

It’s a place where ice and fire meet

A place where waste and prosperity coexist

In the upper reaches of the Ili River, the Tekes River Basin

There is a place

It is the only county town in Xinjiang without desert

People call it “The Hometown of Tianma”

Also call it “Outside the Great Wall”

It is a paradise hidden on the border between China and Kazakhstan


Spring here


Summer here

Colorful and gorgeous

Autumn here

Golden wind sends cool

Winter here

Powder makeup jade

The beauty of Zhaosu is difficult to distinguish between high and low

But to say the most comfortable and seductive

It’s still summer

Rape blossoms

Golden everywhere

Ili in July belongs to Zhaosu. Every July, when the rape blossoms are in bloom, the Zhaosu Plateau has endless beautiful scenery.

The endless rapeseed flowers are like strips of golden woven carpets, sweeping across the vast Zhaosu prairie.

Because the Zhaosu grassland is open and the climate is more suitable for planting crops such as rapeseed and oil sunflower, the endless sunflowers and rape blossoms have become a beautiful sight in Zhaosu.

On the vast green background, large expanses of yellow rapeseed and sunflower flowers are inlaid, like a huge oil painting painted on the sky.

○ Flowering time per year: From the end of June to around July 20

○ Suggested play time: About 5 hours

○ Attraction location: Distance to must-visit attractions

Guozigou: about 345.6 kilometers

Yili River Bridge: about 84.4 kilometers

Horgos Port: about 130.7 km

Perilla Flower Sea

Yellow and purple

The land of Zhaosu at this time is like a bright “palette”, half yellow and half purple.

If the golden rapeseed flowers are bright and beautiful, then Chenghai’s Fragrant Perilla is psychedelic.

More than 70,000 acres of fragrant perilla on the Zhaosu Plateau are in full bloom, forming a magnificent sea of ​​purple flowers, which is refreshing.

The elegant and fragrant purple flowers attract tourists from inside and outside of Xinjiang and become a unique landscape of Zhaosu Plateau.

○ Flowering time per year: Early July to the end of September

Zhaosu Grassland

Green carpet stretches

In midsummer in July, there are green mountains, rape blossoms, and cool climate. It is the first choice for Xinjiang to escape the summer heat.

This is the hometown of sweaty BMWs, so strolling in Zhaosu, you can always see horses or horses grazing with their heads down, or running endlessly.

The annual “Heavenly Horse Festival” is held at this time. If you don’t want to miss the prairie spectacle of “Walking Horses”, you must not miss Zhaosu in July.

○ Tianma Festival time: Held around July every year

Prairie stone man

Tangible history

On the grasslands of northern Xinjiang, a stone figure comes into people’s sight from time to time. These stone figures are all carved out of a single piece of rock.

They are either buried in the tomb, or guarded in front of the tomb, facing the east, which is the direction in which the sun rises, and is a place where life consciousness and power can be reawakened.

The 11 prairie stone figures standing on the Zhaosu prairie in Xinjiang, facing the east, are still lifelike despite more than 1,000 years of experience.

Chate Trail

The most beautiful area on earth

Under the joint efforts of nature and human beings, a Xia Te ancient road spanning north and south of Tianshan was born in the hinterland of Tianshan Mountains.

This is almost “stepped on” by the pioneers of adventure, and it is also a veritable “road to heaven”.

Therefore, the most vivid sentence describing the Old Way of Schattdecor is: “The body is in hell, and the eyes are in heaven.”

The Schattdecor Trail carries too much and too heavy history, and there have been too many and too dazzling brilliance.

There are too many compliments here, and you will understand what it means to walk into nature when you come here.

○ Matters needing attention: Trekking across the Schattdecor Trail, it is recommended to travel with an experienced business team