Home Architecture ‘Miniature Resort’ in the heart of Saigon

‘Miniature Resort’ in the heart of Saigon


The owner of Hoa’s House wishes to live in a truly resort-style space in the heart of Saigon.
The house was built on a land of 113 m², located in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the design team H.2, the goal of the house is to design a minimalistic space outside, modern and fully functional inside. The house also clearly shows the personality of the owner, which is a romantic space, filled with green trees and raw materials. The function of the house consists of six floors. The first floor includes a parking garage and a rental shop; the second floor consists of three small apartments for rent; The third floor includes six large rental apartments. The fourth floor is the master bedroom, two children’s bedrooms, a common room; The fifth floor includes the kitchen and dining room, and the sixth floor is the homeowner’s office. The facade of Hoa’s House is made of wind cotton walls made of iron frames and cemboard leaves. In addition, the design façade incorporates green trees protruding from the upper floors. Because the land is close to the market, the owner has reserved the first floor for business rental. The upper floors, the owner wanted to have an architectural difference between the floors, so the design team created a cover with green trees combined with wind cotton walls made of iron frames and cemboard leaves. The design team shared: “The owner lives in Saigon, has a busy working time, so he wants a space to truly enjoy the resort style. This is also a warm touch in the middle of the crowded market.” Therefore, the bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, and offices all have open spaces with a view of green trees. In particular, the owner spends the fifth floor with a view of the city, so the kitchen space is open to let nature flow into the house. This open space contrasts with the quiet life hidden behind arched walls interspersed with vegetable and fruit gardens. The living area on the fifth floor includes the kitchen and dining room. All spaces are designed to be open to the outdoors. The rooftop combines an office, connected to the kitchen by a small open-air staircase in the style of three steps to create a softer space. In addition, the design team also created a highlight for the house through an arc-shaped cast wall interspersed with vegetable and fruit gardens. Furniture, floors, walls are all cement colors, bringing a close and rustic beauty like a countryside. The master bedroom has a city view. The design team prioritizes the design of bedrooms for homeowners according to the resort model. The owner’s bathroom is on the fourth floor. The bathroom is also immersed in nature by flowers and fruit trees. A room for rent on the upper floors, fully furnished and neat. The room for rent has a sleeping area in the mezzanine. The toilet area of ​​a room for rent has an open space design that integrates with nature.