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Miss Khanh Van got on the plane to return home, choosing extremely delicate and meaningful costumes


Fans were not only happy to see that Miss Khanh Van had left for the country, but also discovered that Miss Hau chose a very subtle and meaningful outfit on this point.
Competition Miss Universe The 69th time ended for more than two weeks, Miss Khanh Van has just had a flight to Vietnam and is expected to be in her hometown on June 9. Because she has been waiting for this day for a long time, Khanh Van could not hide her joy when she returned home and excitedly showed off a series of smiling photos before boarding the plane.

Khanh Van is on his way back to Vietnam Instead of colorful outfits, Miss Khanh Van only wore a white dress with a simple design, extremely comfortable elastic material so that she always felt comfortable during the long flight. Many people quickly discovered that this was the outfit that Miss Khanh Van used to wear when she boarded the plane to the US to participate in Miss Universe. She wore the same set of clothes she used to wear when she went to America Surely it is not natural that Miss Khanh Van wears her old clothes again when she prepares up to 15 suitcases full of clothes for this journey. But Khanh Van has delicately chosen the outfit she wears on the day of her flight to the US, as if to say that she is still the Khanh Van of yesterday, still looking forward to the day she returns home. Under Miss Khanh Van’s post, many netizens couldn’t hide their emotions from this meaningful outfit. Netizen quickly recognized the sophistication of Miss Khanh Van After landing in Vietnam, Miss Khanh Van is ready to go to concentrated isolation for 21 days as prescribed. The audience all hope that Miss Khanh Van will take advantage of this time to rest and improve her health after a long time of trying her best at Miss Universe.