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Super comfortable 17m2 home of Saigon couple


The house has an area of ​​17m2 in Ho Chi Minh City but is super comfortable and neat thanks to the scientific arrangement of furniture.
Designing or arranging comfortable furniture for large houses is probably too simple. But with small, narrow houses, this will be a difficult problem for families who cannot afford to buy a larger house. Please refer to the couple’s 17 square meter house in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tracy Vu – the owner of a mini house shared that in Ho Chi Minh City, there are now many real estates like her house, with small size and micro-degree papers. However, most families mainly consider this as a place to stay, paying little attention to living space. Before repairing the house, she spent time consulting many places about architecture, layout… but all were not satisfied. Construction before repair. After that, she consulted the micro-house projects of some Asian countries such as Korea, Japan …, along with the advice of a professional design team, Tracy Vu decided to renovate the house. It has an area of ​​only 17 square meters. The total cost of design, construction and completion is about 290 million VND. She believes that home is a nest, nurture, build, weave beautiful dreams or enjoy the sweet and bitter taste of a small family. The first floor has a kitchen, dining table and toilet. Due to the limited area, the architect did not design the living room, but used the dining table as a place to receive guests. The laundry area is located next to the kitchen cabinets. Homeowners use a machine that combines washing and drying, saving living space, without having to worry about drying clothes. Although the house is quite small, she hopes it will be an ideal living space for a young couple. A neat, tidy, comfortable home but no less luxurious and trendy. Tracy Vu’s house project was completed 6 months ago with anticipation, joy and happiness. “Home – a place to welcome you at any time, whether happy or sad, success or failure. My husband and I and our children will hold hands together to enjoy all the joys, happiness, and overcome all the sorrows in life in this first house,” said Tracy Vu. The walls of the house are painted with imitation cement, the kitchen cabinets, the stairs use white tones and are accented with the blue color of the dining chairs. Right next to the door is a small shoe cabinet. The scientific arrangement, connecting the uses like this not only saves space, but also gives homeowners a modern and comfortable life. Stairs use butter tube lights to shine, creating coziness. The second floor is used as a bedroom. The area is narrow, but the architect still arranges to put 1 bed, 1 wardrobe and 1 long desk. “The house doesn’t have a red book, so it can’t be built with an additional floor,” Tracy Vu said. Glass partitions keep the house safe and at the same time make the house larger. The desk with the same color of the wall and the wooden shelf with the headboard is the highlight for the bedroom. Homeowners use a Domino double induction cooker – a kitchen for mini-apartments. The upper part of the kitchen cabinet holds dishes and cooking utensils, keeping the room clean. Cabinet material includes moisture-proof industrial wood combined with picomat resin. The family uses a washing machine and dryer, without drying, so the small handrail is simply designed with a fence that can be pushed out and pulled in. Concrete stairs, wood paneling with a short distance, help homeowners walk without fatigue.