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Miss Tieu Vy responded to the overly sexy dress


After the end of her term, Miss Vietnam 2018 Tran Tieu Vy often appears with a sexy image to the point of daring. She said she was sexy, but still within the framework.

After the end of her term, Miss Tran Tieu Vy became increasingly sexy, pursuing a liberal style. She also claims to maintain a sexy image, but to the extent allowed by a beauty queen. However, in many events, she wears a deep-cut dress, at some angles even becomes “rude”. On her personal page, Tieu Vy posts many swimsuit-wearing pictures, posing comfortably. The photo set received mixed opinions. Many people believe that Miss Vietnam 2018 is standing on the border of becoming too sexy, not suitable for the title of national beauty representative. In addition, she is also a judge at the Miss World Vietnam competition in 2021, so it is necessary to have a moderation in terms of images. Answering questions about changing styles, following the trend of being too sexy, Miss Tieu Vy told Zing: “I still pursue a sexy image ever. It is true that when my term ends, I am. is also more comfortable in terms of visuals, but not too much. Maybe recently a series of sexy photos appeared close together so the audience has the feeling that I changed my image too quickly. Fashion collection is in a liberal direction, so my outfit feels a bit more revealing “. Before that, the 21-year-old beauty also appeared in a vest style without lingerie on the cover of the French magazine Malvie. The photo set with the theme “Transformation” is intended to describe the change of image, becoming the bold and strong girl of Tieu Vy. The outfit, hairstyle and makeup of the 21-year-old post-queen are all a bit liberal, sexy, different from the usual image. “After a long time looking for images, I found the sexy style that was right for me. The brothers and sisters in the profession such as designers, photographers, stylists all advised me to choose sexy, liberal images” Tieu Vy talks with Zing. Tieu Vy said that she is satisfied with her beauty and body, has not thought about touching cutlery or changing anything on her body. The beauty born in 2000 said that she has large thighs and a western-looking brown skin, exuding a healthy look and “suitable for sexy style”. Miss said that she is beautiful everywhere herself, confident about measuring all three rounds, so she likes to wear sexy outfits.