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NEC launches new products for business and education projectors: 17 models provide multiple choices for customized scenes


Recently, NEC announced that a total of 17 NEC LCD business and education projectors, the new Venus series, were officially launched. According to reports, the newly upgraded NEC business education projector new product New Venus series, covering 17 models such as CA4300U, CA4300W, CA4400X, CR2300U, CR2300W, CR2400X, etc., has been improved in terms of brightness, resolution, and contrast. . Its brightness covers from 3400 lumens to 4700 lumens, bringing a richer and more complete product selection to business and education customers who have diversified and customized display needs. New product CA4300U (4200 lumens, 1920*1200 full HD resolution) New product CA4300U (4200 lumens, 1920*1200 full HD resolution) New product CA4400X (4700 lumens, 1024*768 resolution) New product CA4400X (4700 lumens, 1024*768 resolution) While the brightness is upgraded, the new product has also improved in resolution, with three mainstream resolutions of WUXGA, WXGA, and XGA. Among them, CA4300W not only supports WXGA resolution, but also has a brightness of up to 4400 lumens. In addition, the full range of new products also uses 3LCD projection technology, with a high contrast ratio of 16000:1, so that the dark details can also be well presented, and the screen display is more gorgeous and rich. Compared with the 5000-6000 hours service life of ordinary lamp projectors, the new Venus series adopts a newly upgraded lamp with a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours (ECO mode). The new products all use the latest inorganic liquid crystal panels. Compared with organic materials, inorganic materials have high light resistance and better heat resistance, are not easy to deform, and are more durable. At the same time, the new Venus series also follows the NEC conflict air cooling technology, abandoning the traditional projector’s cooling method of single-sided LCD panel air intake and single-sided air outlet, and adopts both sides to enter the air at the same time, and the two winds The central position of the LCD panel meets and pushes each other, resulting in a spiral airflow, which makes the LCD panel heat dissipation more uniform and efficient; and the new “conflict air cooling system” can greatly extend the life of the LCD panel and the polarizer, and the fan noise is also reduced. Improved. The new Venus series has a rich throw ratio and supports up to 1.7x zoom lens. In addition to supporting horizontal, vertical, trapezoidal correction, 4-corner correction, and curved surface correction, the new product also adds 6-corner correction, multi-point keystone correction 17*11 points (HD model), so that it can be used for multiple single-machine applications or multi-machine integration. Applications are more convenient and flexible, providing strong compatibility for complex and diverse business and education scenarios. In addition, the settings of application software such as MultiPresenter and NaViSet2 intelligent network management system also make the operation of the new Venus series more intelligent. MultiPresenter integrates wireless projection, multi-screen display, web page sharing, projection control and other functions; in addition, the NaViSet2 intelligent network management system also realizes the intelligent network management and control of multiple devices, making customers’ operations more convenient and intelligent.