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Nha Trang beach is empty of people, no more scenes of cars parked on sidewalks


Nha Trang beach was deserted, the sidewalks on both sides of Tran Phu Street were clear after the Khanh Hoa authorities stepped in and corrected the situation of crowded people.

A day after Zing reported that Nha Trang beach was crowded with people bathing to cool off, Khanh Hoa province’s authorities directed the correction. Recorded on the afternoon of June 3, Nha Trang beach was deserted than usual. In some areas, people still go to the beach to swim, but are reminded by the authorities to keep their distance to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. “The beach today is not as crowded as it was a few days ago, there are few people out here, there is no crowded scene, it feels very comfortable,” said Mr. Along the Tran Phu beach park, there is no longer a scene of motorbikes of people going to the beach blocking the path on the sidewalk. A few days ago, the sidewalk in front of 46 Tran Phu Convention Center and 2/4 square was full of motorbikes. On the afternoon of June 3, this place is open and airy, no vehicle is allowed to stop or park in this area because there are always reminders by functional forces. In some areas in Tran Phu beach park, people go to exercise but are reminded to keep their distance to prevent and control Covid-19. Many adherents wear medical masks as recommended. “A few days ago, the car was packed on the sidewalk, there was no footpath, now I feel very open,” said Ms. Hoa, who lives in Nha Trang. No more scenes of motorbikes standing hundreds of meters long, people and tourists can freely walk in 2/4 square. A few Western guests when asked said they were very happy because Nha Trang was still at peace before the Covid-19 epidemic. “Nha Trang is very beautiful, my wife and I love this place very much,” said Mr. John, a British tourist happily. Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Photo: Google Maps.